Tesla Secret that You can also get Free Electricity?

It has totally changed the design of electrical generators and developed the famous Tesla coil, which can be seen in the vintage horror movies playing large electrical sparks across the room.
A new book called Tesla aims to provide secret plans to make a product known as a Tesla generator. Projects of this gadget, the authors of the book, have for centuries been covered by power companies worldwide, such as the Tesla generator allows the user to acquire electricity without going through the solar system. The generator, a mixture of a Tesla coil and an antenna, can collect energy and allow the user to channel it in your home, effectively eliminating their dependence on electricity is the dealer community. Tesla Secret is legitimate? Tesla's inventions are products really work, and he built such a device during its lifetime. He had sophisticated plans for creating a transmission network which worked Wireless is simply transmits power in the air as radio waves.

The plans contained in Tesla secret book are taken from real applications for patents that Tesla presented personally to the US Patent Office.
Unfortunately, the plans are quite complex, and if you do not have a good ability to produce metal parts using a professional round understanding of the high voltage electrical work and the ability to read between the lines and fill gaps in the guide, you will have a substantial amount of trouble getting the e-book plans to your needs. Although the drawings are accurate, there is very little in the guide when it comes to a step by step guide and no information on how to integrate the devices into your existing electrical system.

You may find, however, other products on the market that offer helpful instructions for the production of real energy use in your home that can actually be used not only to provide energy to work for devices but generate enough energy to actually induce your meter backwards race, which effectively reduces your electricity bill. If you are looking for environment friendly electricity or replacement, there are options available that can help you generate electricity at low cost. Unfortunately, Tesla Secret is not one of those answers.

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