Thai Food Combines Tastes

IN Kingdom of Thailand was formerly known as Siam, and is located in the center of Southeast Asia. Rice is a staple food, especially the variety of jasmine rice or Hom Mali, which is a part of almost every meal. Thailand is the world's largest rice exporter, so it is not surprising to find rice in recipes Thai cooking. The ingredients in the shared kitchen include chilies, garlic, lemon grass, lime juice and fish sauce. The kitchen is known for blending five fundamental flavors in lightly prepared dishes with a strong aromatic component. Thai food could be described as four regional cuisines that represent the four main regions of Thailand: South, Central, North and Northeast or Isan. The regions have foods that come from neighboring countries. Many dishes were the Chinese, and include fried rice noodles (Kuai-tiao rat na), rice porridge (chok) and cooked pork with rice (Khao kha mu). Stir-frying, frying, use of noodles and soy products, and the wok were also introduced by the Chinese.

Many sauces and condiments are usually served with a meal.
A combination of lemon juice, fish sauce, pepper and garlic is called closed or nam pla phrik phrik nam, and it is said this condiment is to Thai ketchup kitchen is an American meal. Other condiments include chili peppers in slices in rice vinegar, dried chili flakes, sweet chili sauce and Sriracha sauce.

Fresh herbs and spices instead of dried are used in Thai cuisine, and include lemongrass, coriander, Thai basil and mints. Other flavors come from turmeric, ginger, garlic, chives and pepper. Khao phat is a very common dish in Thailand, and consists of Thai style fried rice served with chicken, shrimp, pork, coconut and / or pineapple. Another popular dish is Phat si-ioKhanom Namya chin which is boiled rice noodles topped with a fish sauce and served with fresh vegetables and leaves. Many Thai markets are grasshoppers, fried crickets and other insects. Interestingly, culinary tours and cooking Thailand have gained popularity in recent years.

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