Thai Food in Thailand

Rice is an important part of Thai food that many people eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As Thais Eat
When Thais eat, they put the dishes in the middle of the table with a pot of rice. The dishes are shared by all, using serving spoons. Thais eat rice with a spoon and fork.
The rice is usually cooked on an electronic rice cooker. Thais do not add salt or other seasoning to prepare the rice, because Thai food is well seasoned. The main flavors of Thai cuisine are sweet, sour and salty, while the dominant ingredients in Thai cuisine is spicy Thai herbs and pepper.

How to combine Thai dishes
When Thais eat, they usually 3-5 dishes on the table. They like to combine a spicy dish with a light and a sauce that is served with fresh and cooked vegetables.

Spicy dishes
The most popular spicy dish, you are probably already familiar, is spicy soup with lemongrass called tom yum. Other hot dishes can be green curry chicken or minced pork with basil and pepper. fried fish with spicy sauce is also popular.

Light meals
The two dishes of vegetables and meat can be mild. Can be fried pork with garlic and black pepper, fried ginger chicken, vegetable soup with minced pork, vegetable omelette and fried quickly mixed.

Sauces served with vegetables
There are many types of sauces in Thailand, but the main ones or shrimp paste or base of coconut milk based. Pasta with shrimp sauce is one of the most popular dishes among Thais and is served with fried mackerel. Thais eat the dish with lots of vegetables, fresh and cooked products.
the coconut milk sauces vary according to the main ingredients. Most often, it is covered with chopped peppers. Thais eat the sauce with fresh vegetables like cucumbers, round Thai aubergines, green beans and lettuce.

Thais usually finished their meal with dessert and fruit. Many types of desserts also have fruits. One of the most popular dessert is the sweet rice with mango. Enjoy your next Thai meal!

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