Thai Food Flavor?

Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is known for its beautiful mountains, beautiful beaches and the vibrant shopping areas. One of the most striking features of Thailand is its delicious cuisine. Thai food is a mixture of different flavors blended in perfect harmony. Balance is essential in Thai culture and is shown in your kitchen. Thai dishes often consist of foods that keep a delicate balance between being salty, sweet, sour, bitter or spicy. Thai food is one of the most internationally known cuisines available in the world.
Thai cuisine is mostly known for being spicy. Dishes like Kaeng Khae and Tom khlong are just a few examples. Kaeng Khae is a spicy curry consisting of vegetables, herbs, meat and leaves of an acacia tree. The balances Thai cooking certain flavors together. spicy and acidic foods are often combined to balance flavor and sweet and savory foods. Nobody ever really taste eclipse the other.

Thai cuisine is said to be a mixture of flavors from all parts of the country. Each region, ranging from Isan in southern Thailand have kitchens that have been influenced by their surrounding cultures. The food is a little different from other parts of Thailand. In Isan, sticky rice and chillies are an essential part of every meal served. ISAN is to cook the food warmer, spicier with increasing acidity. Central Thailand, by contrast, consists of softer flavors of jasmine rice served in many meals. South Thailand, located along the Malay Peninsula, has a kitchen that is heavily used coconut. In addition to the specific tastes of the four regions, the Thai food is also influenced by Chinese cuisine. Techniques such as deep frying and products such as soybeans were introduced to Thai culture of China.

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