The Beatles Artwork

The Beatles artwork is beautifully encapsulated in an incredible new and unique product, known as "The Beatles Box Of Vision." After the recent remastering of their catalog, it makes perfect sense that this opportunity presents for longtime fans and new fans!

The unfortunate passages of John Lennon and George Harrison made his recordings and favorite memories as a great new products continue to be available, including the new reliable way to organize and display possessions Beatles!

All of Beatles artwork in a black box, covered with linen, with silver embossed Beatles logos, and 3 new books include The Beatles Box Of Vision. Nearly 200 pages of recently restored, original prints albums that include all booklets LP front and back, and gatefold artwork are included. Here are descriptions of the books:

1. LP sized book containing all the coverage of the Beatles album, met for the first time!

2. The new catalography brand (the next UK / US for the side guide for the Beatles catalog of the album)!

3. The book storage box vision to organize and remastered Beatles CDs and CD collections display.

The work of art and music of the Beatles live in our hearts, our souls and minds forever.

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