The Beatles has Mono Mix CD Box Set 13 Disc Set

Why would anyone want to listen to Mono Mixes?
It can be confusing for some young Beatles fans who do not know the history or context of how the Beatles song was recorded in 1960 somebody deliberately wants to hear mono instead of stereo mixes of the albums Beatles. They may have trouble understanding the importance of the Beatles Mono Box Set out to 9/9/9.

"The original intent" of the Beatles
Many people want to hear these mono mixes because they feel they are the Beatles albums originally intended to be heard. For people who want to hear the original mono mix, for this reason, it is all about preservation of historical archives. For the first 10 of the band's studio albums focus was mainly on the mono mixes the stereo mixes were later compared. In fact, when most people listened to music with a monaural playback system so it makes sense to focus on what most people will listen.

Some say the best sound
For some people, it is less about the historical background and the sound. Some claim that the version in mono albums like Sgt. Pepper simply sounds better than their counterparts stereo mix. Cash Beatles Mono Set the top 10 Beatles albums in the studio in their original mono mix on CD plus Mono masters. Mono Masters is a collection of all the Beatles Album tracks in mono. Includes all mono mix the Beatles officially launched in the 1960s! original stereo mixes of the Rubber Soul and Help! An essay on the Beatles. New packaging "replica LP". The only way to get the mono mix of the Beatles albums as they are not sold separately.

Quick explanation of Rubber Soul stereo mixes and Help!
Because it is the original stereo mixes that have been lost to history when the Beatles CDs were first released in 1980. At that time, these unique mixtures were considered too "weird" (compound early stereo were very experimental by later standards) for the new ones were created.

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