The Beatles US Singles Best (Both Sides)

The Beatles released a series of singles which both sides of the disc (the side "A" and "B side") were great songs.

The following are the best of the singles in the United States. The release date and peak ranking chart for each song is included.

December 26, 1963: "I want to hold your hand" (1) / "I Saw Her Standing There" (No. 14)

This single Beatlemania in the United States and for good reason. "I want to hold your hand" is one of the first Beatles most famous songs (here with "She Loves You") and "I Saw Her Standing There" is considered by some Beatles fans to be the best song on their UK first albums, please please me.

July 20, 1964, "and I love" (No. 12) / "If I Fell" (No. 53)

Although these songs have not done particularly well in the charts (most probably had to compete for attention with many other Beatles singles to be released at the time), I think it is remarkable because it has two of the best ballads early Beatles, one by Paul McCartney ( "and I love") and John Lennon ( "If I Fell".)

November 23, 1964: "I Feel Fine" (1) / "She's a Woman" (# 4)

"I Feel Fine" was a great step forward for the Beatles musically they were releasing less than a year before (which is a bit surprising evidence of the band quickly progressed as songwriters.) Two great songs that really should have been two # 1 It is amazing to me that "Day Tripper" only reached # 5 in the charts. Surprisingly, these two songs are not included in the album Beatles (of course, they were included in the compilations, but not a real album.)

May 30, 1966: "Paperback Writer (1) /" Rain "# 23

Another extremely easy option. This single was huge because it presented another milestone for the band musically. Again, none of these songs were included on a Beatles album. It is amazing how many great songs of the Beatles released only as singles.

February 13, 1967: "Penny Lane" (1) / "Strawberry Fields Forever" (# 8)

These extraordinary songs were the first indication of the direction the Beatles were before Lonely Hearts Club Band Sgt. Pepper and released. November 27, 1967: "Hello, Goodbye" (# 1) / "I Am the Walrus" (No. 56)

"I Am the Walrus" perhaps many to be a radio hit, but it is among the greatest Beatles recordings. 26 November 1968, "Hey Jude" (1) / "Revolution" (No. 12)

This is a double A side. October 6, 1969 ,: "Come Together" (1) "Something" / (1)

This was the last single from the band before their separation and was the only Beatles single, where the two parts of successful registration # 1. They were also the first two tracks of Abbey Road. These two songs were also, in fact, the last two songs of the Beatles recorded it was one, although they would release singles from Let It Be after this album recorded before Abbey Road.

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