The Best Supplements for Your Immune System

The incredible human body

The iImmune system is a truly amazing system. The body has about 100 trillion cells that make up all the organs, bones, muscles, tissues, eyes, skin and other body components. About 8 million cells die every second and are replaced by new cells constantly revitalize the body. The body is an "electric machine" that triggers these activities mainly by enzymes that perform complex chemical reactions that can identify and immediately communicate with and control all the cells of your body friendly. The miracle of the immune system

If the human body has no "immune system" we would have to live permanently in a free sealed plastic tents sprouts, or we would die within days.

"Defence Force" of the body

To help you understand the enormous complexity incredible Miracle extraordinary events that occur constantly in our body, to prevent attackers to cause immune system diseases, and this brief summary has simplified the complexity comparing body "immune system" a well organized, highly disciplined mobile, highly intelligent and effective "defense force."

The mission "Defence Force" is to protect the body at all times, preventing the invaders (antigens) to cross the front line, or eliminate those who can not enter the body.

It is estimated that there are about 1 trillion cells "Defence Force".

But where does the warriors "Defence Force" come from and how they are trained to understand the difference between cells and foreign invaders friendly cells that harm the body?

The "production centers" of the immune system

Everything begins to "bone marrow". This continuous production plant with a variety of different cells stem cells, all with their own specific functions and commands. These include trillion "warriors" of the immune system, there are two major groups which consist of eight major groups "fighting". The first line of defense are the foot soldiers (phagocytes and macrophages), and actual combat heroes are the B cells, T cells and natural killer (NK) cells (lymphocytes).

Research has shown that the arms factory of the immune system (B cells) can create and store more than 1 million different antibodies to specific invaders. Remember, many of these cells live for a short time, this information must be transmitted continuously to new cells. Once the baby is born the bone marrow starts producing and essentially controlling spleen deployment immune warriors to the various places where they constantly patrol the blood circulation, the lymphatic system, salivary glands, joints and tonsils, trying to identify foreign invaders. If, every time there is an immune response that requires a considerable number of warriors and spleen and help generate additional warriors needed. Imagine all the instant communication needed between the millions of cells to control these immune responses and followed battles.

The lymphatic system, an essential part of the immune system is higher than the blood flow, lymphatic vessels reach all tissues and cells in all parts of the body. The lymphatic system is a "police" patrol throughout the body, with a "Police Intelligence" group collecting and storing information on the cells and invaders.

Lymph circulates continuously throughout the body and carries the "collectors of intelligence" that monitor all 100 trillion cells few times a day, transmission of information to the "Police" (lymph nodes). This information will be stored and "police" will react to an alarm, the specific type production of "police" (warriors) immune needed. The war against foreign enemies

The Immune System "Defence Force" is fully prepared and protect the body at any time duty. natural immune system supplements

There are a number of natural supplements to feed your immune system that will ensure that your immune system and its amazing "Defence Force" operate continuously at its peak, protecting it from all possible attackers, keep healthy and without disease .

Here are some of these natural supplements you should be aware:

Fresh fruits and vegetables organic and fresh juices - These natural foods provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and fiber that are excellent to boost all aspects of the immune system

Vitamin C - which is the most effective strengthening the immune system and can be obtained from fruits and vegetables and supplements (I suggest Green Drinks)

Vitamin E - an important antioxidant and stimulating the immune system that favors production by NK and B cells

Beta Carotene - increases production by NK cells and T helper cells and helps absorb excess free radicals.

Bioflavonoids - this group of phytonutrients stimulates the immune system, protect cell membranes against environmental pollutants.

Echinacea stimulates the body to produce more T cells and NK cells to release interferon, one of the most powerful agencies weapons to fight infection.

Zinc - valuable mineral increases the production of white blood cells that fight infection and also increases killer cells that fight against cancer and helps white cells release more antibodies. Zinc also increases the number of T cells that fight infection, especially among the elderly, who are often deficient in zinc

Probiotics - these are immune stimulating "good" healthy bacteria that live in our digestive system.

Garlic - this potent immune stimulant vegetable stimulates the production of white blood cells that fight infection increases the activity of NK cells and increases antibody production.

Selenium this important mineral immune enhancement increases natural killer cells and mobilizes the cells that fight cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids - essential fatty acids that improve the immune stimulating activity and help fighting the bacteria.

Things that destroy the immune system

Some foods and environmental influences can keep the immune system "Defence Force" to do a good job. You must eliminate these threats to the body's defense system.

Sugar - consume 100 grams of sugar or 2 cans of soda will immobilize your immune system for four to six hours, exposing you to the invaders

Alcohol - Excessive alcohol deprive the body of immune boosting nutrients, removes the ability of T cells to proliferate and kill the invaders. Alcohol also inhibits NK cells (natural killer) to fight cancer cells and tumors.

Saturated and trans fats affect the ability of B cells to multiply and produce antibodies (weapons) to remove the invaders.

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