The Great Malaise Herpes Can Give You

The first herpes infection outbreak is usually the worst victim of herpes experience. The outbreak may be so mild that 60% of people infected with the virus will fail to notice the symptoms. And you can still transmit the virus to their sexual partners, even if you have no symptoms.

There are two herpes virus strains: herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2). Herpes Simplex 1 is responsible for oral herpes which typically appear on or around the mouth and is more commonly known as cold sores. Herpes simplex 2 is responsible for genital herpes and is considered a sexually transmitted disease.

The first herpes outbreak lasts about two weeks on average for men and women lasts three weeks. In addition, many women mistake the symptoms of other herpes infections because women frequently experience herpes lesions in the vagina. Many women confuse herpes as an outbreak of boils particular. For herpes female victim is not uncommon for a diagnosis of cervicitis or inflamed cervix, a yeast infection or pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition to frequently develop vaginal herpes, women can also get lesions on the buttocks, thighs, anus, urethra, cervix and / or vulva. It is a good idea to test for herpes after observing a vaginal discomfort that is persistent and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Sensitive skin red is the most common sign of herpes that develops into sores or blisters (also known as the flesh of herpes). Other symptoms or warning signs of genital herpes may include back pain, fever, muscle aches, headaches and swollen lymph nodes in the groin area. In women victims herpes, herpes symptoms may include pain or burning sensation when urinating common and vaginal discharge. About twenty-five percent of women with or develop meningitis have the added complication that the first outbreak of herpes; while another ten percent to fifteen percent will have great difficulty urinating.

80% of herpes patients or victims had recurrent episodes. These outbreaks can be as uncomfortable as the first outbreak, but they tend to be less severe and of shorter duration than the first outbreak. The body area or site that was infected just before herpes lesions can develop becomes painful and uncomfortable. Despite the absence of herpes blisters during this time the individual is considered highly contagious.

There were actually several drugs already available that can ease the discomfort of the symptoms and shorten the duration of the herpes outbreak, remedies that can help eradicate herpes. The herpes infection should be reported immediately to a doctor or occupational health care to prevent this disease causes more damage.

Herpes - herpes disease is a type of disease to be largely avoided.

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