The History of Kongregate

The history of Kongregate is certainly modest, as he started simple and just grew naturally. Two web developers, Jim Greer and Emily Greer (brothers) worked on a site that they predicted would be able to have quality games and also has a good design, with a "badge" and the system " points". The system has enabled them to have a great influence on the development of their games, and enable higher quality games to add to the site, with a stronger relationship than other flash game sites. They also had a system to allow game developers to earn% of the money from the ads on the site, as well as its ability to add developers are doing well.

Kongregate has allowed there to be a number of innovative games come on site. A group of developers were able to create a new style of play, and enabled a new era in the flash games. Finally, in late 2007, it was released as a public beta. The project was first made by the company, Happy Cog Studios. The stylish red and white design that is a site icon is now beyond the site's history. Finally, in mid-2008, they won tons of capital and received almost $ 9 million in capital, and does a much better site because they could finally begin to pay some bills. In late 2011, he became Kongregate finalized as a website, and created an interesting plan to have more money. As GameStop acquired Kongregate, and within weeks, Kongregate launched the "Kongregate kreds" are currency for flash games on the site. Games that use kreds are games like Bloons Tower Defense 4, Spiral Knights, TDP4 Team Battle, Gemcraft Labyrinth, and much more. As kreds came to the site, you can also get to play Java or RuneScape and Spiral Knights games. Both games are free to play as well, and are both extremely fun java games.

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