The Main Features of Google Drive that Redefine Efficiency

The device allows you to store and synchronize files on your iPhone, PC, iPad or Android.

The basic features of Google Drive

The device allows you 15GB of storage in Gmail, Google+ Photos and Google Drive. If you need more storage space, you can buy more. Better yet, you can create files, download and add files using a single button, share files, find and add shared files, drag and drop files and save attachments in Gmail on your phone and compartilhá- them.

The most useful features

In addition to the features mentioned above, here are more features of Google Drive that have proven very useful for students and people in the workplace:

- Synchronization with other applications

- Scan documents on your Android

- Viewing offline files

- Google Forms

- Google charts

- Research

- More than 100 applications Installation

- Review your history

With Google Drive, you can work better with other applications. The device works with documents, presentations and spreadsheets for you to share documents, spreadsheets that are already built, and make presentations.

It is better that you can scan paper documents with your Android device. The unit has a display option for your offline files. This allows you to access files if the phone loses service, for example, if you fly, or the network is low.

'Google Forms "allows you to search using a simple online checklist. The camera recognizes objects in your text, images and scanned documents. So you can search for a particular word and the search results include the word and all the images containing the word.

You can install more than 100 applications using the collection unit that can afford to do landscaping, change your profile, or even create a mind map.

How to download and access to Google Drive

- Search

- Create a Google Drive account

- Install on your device

- You can transfer and synchronize files

As we can see, Google Drive has very useful features that you can use on the go, from the most basic, such as free storage, file sharing, drag and drop, even the most advanced, such as document scanning, searching for information and pictures, diagrams and Google Forms.

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