The Signs and Symptoms Of Herpes Outbreaks Most Common Herpes

The symptoms of herpes: What to Know

If you think you have symptoms of herpes, then you'll want to talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible. While some symptoms are quite obvious, only a doctor can administer a blood test to diagnose whether or not you have the herpes virus. At the same time, you must realize that you may have herpes, even without symptoms of the disease.

One of the symptoms of the most common herpes virus is sores in the mouth and genitals. Although both conditions are sexually transmitted diseases, which require different forms of treatment.

If you have herpes, then a doctor will prescribe an antiviral medicine. This medicine will help wounds heal faster than they would otherwise avoid and escape injury recurrence.

A warm bath can also provide some relief from the discomfort caused by the herpes sores. Wearing cotton clothing is recommended that this material retains dry wounds and irritations. You can also use an ice pack or take aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve pain.

If the test is positive for herpes, unfortunately, herpes can not be cured completely.

Genital herpes and pregnancy

Many women who have herpes to worry about the possibility of passing this condition to the fetus. If you have herpes and are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, then do not worry about this MST - is rarely passed to the newborn.

The only case in which herpes may pose a threat to the fetus is so you, the parent, have a herpes outbreak during pregnancy. If your partner has herpes, then you should be tested for this condition. The test is very important because sometimes the virus is present long before the signs and symptoms of herpes are starting to appear.

A person with herpes should take an antiviral drug on a daily basis. If you have an outbreak when you go into labor, the doctor will recommend a caesarean so that you do not pass this condition to your child, such as neonatal herpes can be fatal for your newborn. Your doctor can help you take care of yourself and your unborn child if you have herpes. Talk to your doctor about any concerns, fears or concerns you may have. The doctor can also help you make a wise decision that will prevent new small get herpes.

Oral herpes and pregnancy

You do not have to worry with outbreak of oral herpes during pregnancy. Such an increase will not cause any complications.

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