Supplements For Weak The Immune System

Many diseases and conditions are associated with a weak immune system. Serious complications as a result of infection with influenza viruses occur most often in people who have a weakened immune system; the very young and the elderly. It is believed that there are many natural products, herbs and plants that provide immune system support. Chronic stress can lead to a weakened immune system. Improper diet can lead to a weakened immune system. While some things are uncontrollable, such as age or chronic disease, other factors that can lead to a weak immune system are controllable. good nutrition and a healthy diet is very important to support the immune system. Even the Food and Drug Administration, which rarely has anything to say about health supplements suggest that everyone can benefit from a daily multi-vitamin. It may also be advantageous to use other health supplements that provide immune system support. A recent survey in Canada among people who normally take health supplements, those who support the immune system are most often taken.

Many studies have shown that people who are chronic stress have lower number of white blood cells and a low immune system in general. long-term financial problems can not be solved quickly. People suffering from chronic stress can benefit from a natural product that provides immune system support.

People who work with the public or with children in school are likely to be exposed to viruses, bacteria and germs in general on a daily basis. Even if the person does not have a particularly weak immune system, this constant exposure causes the common cold and flu season particularly difficult to pass. Some health supplements are recommended for use, especially during this season, to provide immune system support. These supplements can reduce the recovery time when someone catches a bug, and can actually prevent the onset of symptoms at all.
No one knows exactly why this happens, but doctors and scientists believe that people with a weak immune system are those that get more colds and viral and bacterial infections, have more severe symptoms and develop more complications . This belief is what brings people to take health supplements believed to provide immune system support.

Echinacea is a very popular botanical to support the immune system and is also recommended by some herbalists. The best option is probably ANDROGRAPHIS (AP). AP is sometimes called Indian Echinacea, but is actually a completely different plant only and is similar in that it provides support for the immune system. AP has been shown in clinical and scientific studies to reduce colds, sick days and hospitalizations common virus, but is not expected to have adverse side effects. Even when fed high doses, the animals showed no liver or kidney toxicity any. You can not avoid all situations that can lead to infection or a weak immune system, but it is possible to practice good health habits, getting plenty of rest, exercise regularly, take a multi-vitamin and use a health supplement to support the immune system.

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