The Tesla S Electric Sedan Produced in Luxurious Series

Last March, Tesla Motors unveiled a prototype of its second vehicle, dubbed the Tesla S. Following in the footsteps of the Tesla Roadster was launched recently, the Tesla S takes the automaker in a slightly different direction - trying to attract traditional buyers, particularly those less expensive sedans with the highest long-term cost of ownership.

Initial resource for the sedan is strong
A model for seven passengers, the Tesla S will not go into production by the end of 2011, meaning that when the sedan hits the market, it will be released as model 2012. This is still a long way, but interest in the car is constantly increasing. The Tesla Roadster made its debut in 2008 and is the first pure electric car like that. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the Roadster is famous to go from zero to sixty in 3.9 seconds while emitting zero emissions. Valued at approximately US $ 108,000 before a $ 7.500 strokes of federal tax credits for the Tesla Roadster is for the hard core amateur sports car, so it is a low-volume vehicle. So far, Tesla has produced only 400 copies Roadster although many times that number of people are on the waiting list.

Go to a wider audience

With the Tesla S, Tesla Motors has decided to go with a wider audience in an attempt to attract customers. With approximately $ 57,000 price, the Tesla S will get the same $ 7.500 Roadster buyers of federal tax credits received, pushing the price of cars below $ 50,000. Styled like a European luxury sedan, the S will seat five adults and two children, an unusual setting for a car of this class.
Like the Roadster, the S-zero emissions will appeal to environmentally conscious drivers. Powered by a lithium-ion battery sedan should have a range of about 300 miles. At that time, the automaker said they are working on a QuickCharge board unit, a device that could charge the discharged batteries from the sedan in less than 45 minutes to recharge.

All drivers require luxury amenities

Inside, the Tesla S design will surprise shoppers especially as we take note of a panel of seventeen inches Stark for display navigation and offer all the comments and technology improvements that application today buyers for luxury cars. Insofar as the Tesla S mass production will much depend on customer demand at the time.

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