The Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap Guts Walk

The Walking Dead Episode 2 Guts titled debut on November 7, 2010. This show has really taken the nation by storm and people everywhere are loving it. In the last episode of The Walking Dead, we are introduced to Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the series. Rick Grimes wakes from a Choma and perceives the world has been taken over by zombies. He went to Atlanta just to be led by the zombies and escape in a barely tank. The show ends, which is the case Episode 2 picks.

Rick is joined by Glen, an Asian American who helps quickly navigate through the zombie horde at the mall. Rick enters the mall and not with happy faces, it seems that all his shots soon attracted a horde of zombies to attack the mall. While trying to figure out an escape plan, they all retire to the top of the mall where Merle, a hard, ignorant villagers is sniping with a rifle and attract more of them. Rick arrives and points a gun at the head Merles and handcuffed to a pipe.

Rick learns that zombies can smell gross, so he decides to put a coat and cover with zombies dead nerve, hence the episode title: Guts. The zombies begin to hunt them and they are a big truck and go save the rest of the group, leaving Merle top of the mall. Do not be afraid to Merle, however, before they left, they killed locked the door.

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