The Walking Dead Preview

In an entertainment era where vampires and crime dramas are central, where the hell are all zombies? We are in definite need of an apocalyptic environment, and AMC is set to give us that chance with their next series The Walking Dead. Ventilate the night of Halloween, The Walking Dead is based on a series of long-running comic book written by Robert Kirkman. The center of the cartoon about the trials and tribulations of Rick Grimes and a small group of survivors after a zombie invasion. What starts as a simple trip to find his wife and son, the series is growing rapidly in a story of betrayal and survival in a world of psychopaths and killers.

Initially set at Kentucky, Grimes, an official employed small town police, he was wounded in a shootout with a fugitive. Fall into a coma, he agreed later in a hospital bed lost and ignorant of recent developments that have hit the world. Since then, The Walking Dead turns into a quest through the odds to lead a group of tired, homesick, people desperate for salvation.

A feature of the comic series is the amount of infighting and conflict between the survivors. Everyone in the story is painfully aware of this fact (a head to avoid the zombies rub with meat), and use them every day. It would be a disservice to the books in the TV series did not advance. Interestingly, in a recent interview with Robert Kirkman, he blurted out that there will be certain elements of the comic did not work, and the series will end in a kind of hook that was not presented in comics. the history of the characters are dynamic, and most of the dialogue between sets of survivors entails. The characters in this story out as quickly as they appear, and history is full of interesting twists. It is a fantastic story, and I have faith that if you watch an episode, you'll be hooked. On the positive side or fairy southern vampires here, only brainless hordes of undead meat consumption. If you think the Shawshank Redemption mixed with zombies and psychopaths like your kind of thing, this show is probably for you.

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