The Walking Dead Recap Episode 3 Tell It to the Frogs

Episode 3 of the new novel of the zombie Apocalypse show; The Walking Dead first November 14, 2010, at the AMC television. The Walking Dead Episode 3; Tell it to the Frogs picks up where the last episode ended. The group that escaped the return tunnel to camp. Rick, the protagonist of the series was in search of his wife and son and was reunited with them in the camp of this episode at a time of global absolutely heart that will probably come to tears biggest fans of zombies. Rick's best friend Shane and fellow police is also in the camp. Shane and Ricks wife, thinking that Rick was dead all this time, were secretly having an affair. When Rick walking back to camp, it is obvious that Shane is a broken heart, but happy to see her best friend.

Things seem fine until brother Merles (Merle is the man they have left at the top of shopping in Atlanta) returns to camp in search of his brother. Obviously Merles brother is very angry and attack Rick. Rick, being a police officer, quickly overwhelming. Rick, Merles brother, Glen (an Asian American who knows his way around the city) decided to return to Atlanta to try to rescue Merle. It is easily died, still leaves the group of campers shaken.

The show ends there on a cliff hanger.

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