This is the Second Major News that Google Earth 5.2

Google released the latest version of its application to explore the world, Google Earth 5.2. It is no secret that Google Earth is one of the programs that most surprises and innovates every published version. All tools and lighting features are developed in surprising levels. After Google has made high-resolution photos and allow users to visit ancient Greece, Google Earth now takes plunge into the oceans. After activation of the layer of the ocean, you have access to different types of information on shipwrecks, ocean expeditions, tracking ocean species and most threatened animals.
This information is of the greatest experts in the field; National Geographic and the BBC. Now, with the novelty that allows the visualization of the oceans and seas and enables users to access hundreds of data and information on marine species, shipwrecks, etc. Google Earth has become an ally for marine scientists and specialists of marine life.

Imagined being able to watch the surface of Mars in detail with the identification of craters? This is the second major news that Google Earth 5.2 has. To access the March option, the program in the taskbar, you are redirected to Mars and can explore every corner of the planet. Additional information and even photos can be viewed by clicking on the name of the desired location. Now only remains to hope that in future versions of Google Earth and other planets of our solar system and the moon are of course present.

Users can now travel in time and see how some parts of the world were at any time between 1940 and 2009. An interesting thing to note is that the changes that have occurred on Earth, such as melting glaciers and erosion of the coast.

The last option and that more attention this update is the addition of its own Chrome web browser built on the same application. This will allow us to find sites and access to more detailed information for each time you click on a program link. In addition to software quality, Google Earth is very useful for users and students in various fields. The explosion of streets, avenues, roads, etc. Around the world do not even need a ticket on Google Earth.

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