Time Warner Logo Eeriness

Years after its launch, the infamous Logo Time Warner also brings a buzz. Designers and writers on the Internet never fail to mention the logo whenever you want to talk about something that is strange yet plausible and effective mettle in terms of marketing and branding.

Some experts designers, there is nothing special with the logo. It is a simple imitation of a hieroglyphic character derived from an Egyptian deity. Again, without a doubt, something new is always a good topic for weary writers and designers learned.

Establish the brand

For all the merging companies as Time Inc. and Warner Communications, establish a brand is a major concern. In your case, it is good that they kept their popular names. brand, the product of all branding strategies, is something that all businesses and society aims. In a merger, the establishment of a brand is another matter.

The weather was mostly concerned about the journalism, with Warner Entertainment

According to their announcement, and Time Warner were simply melting literally. They said it was not a step to abandon one of its current priorities. Time Warner continue efforts the two former companies. The newborn company would also focus on the involvement of Warner in providing entertainment and domination is time to journalism, but this time (like all clichés fusion) much better.

Much better much wider media, so it was surprising and amazing that his team focused brand in only two entities to brand yourself: watch and listen / eye and ear. Initial estimates showed they combine film roll with LSR cameras and pen; Some organizations imaginary "T" and "W" are cleverly deflected to form something that could give "newspaper" and "movies." Your team scores stunned the world with a hieroglyphic inspired logo, a surprise that shook logo and bustle around the web.

Now, years after its release, Tom Geismar (the man behind Mobile, Xerox, and Viacaom) proved the wrong audience. Its hieroglyphic logo is extremely popular not only because of the artistic controversies she has brought to the world of design, but also the efficiency Time Warner.

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