Travelling to Netherlands and Knowledge Do not make Dutch Culture

Holland is a beautiful country, which borders the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, with diverse culture reflections of Dutch and foreign immigrants showing. The country, with many tourist attractions is home to a number of paintings and replicas of Dutch buildings with rich historic Dutch architecture. The country is often referred to as home to some of the great philosophers and painters whose famous works attracts a tourist package here.

Some customs that are perfectly acceptable in one country may be totally banned in another.
Some ideas on the label of the language, manners of dress, filing and greeting behavior can make your travel and stay in the Netherlands forever etched in memory. The Dutch are very formal and the label is not a big problem, but here is a list of some do's and don'ts for a trip Netherlands.
Dutch society is egalitarian and modern. People are modest, tolerant, independent, autonomous and enterprising. They value education, hard work, ambition and ability. Do not shake hands when you meet someone. According to their culture, start a conversation after presenting us. The Dutch give more importance to time and punctuality. Try to be on time for meetings and do not try to cancel or postpone last minute meetings. They also place a high value for cleanliness and sharpness.

Tipping is not mandatory in the Netherlands. Legally the service charge is included in the cost of a meal itself, but if someone feels the service is exceptionally good a tip of 10% may be granted in addition to the account. dressing style Netherlands is similar to America. Business dress is conservative enough, but it depends on the profession. Shorts, however, is acceptable when running or walking. Smoking is prohibited in many areas of the Netherlands. Basic knowledge of local laws and sanctions deserve to be known during the trip to the Netherlands. Under Dutch law all over the age of 14 is required to maintain recognition as a valid passport, driving license, ID card or Dutch residence permit at all times. Organize a variety of accessing your money overseas means, such as credit cards, travelers checks, cash, debit cards or credit cards. Holland is a good destination for independent travel with good public transport system.

When planning your trip to Holland, make sure to consult travel guides, the best places to visit and the country label for ideas on how to properly and travel insurance travel.

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