Universities Offering Art Classes in Los Angeles

Art classes in Los Angeles are typically offered by college masters programs of 4 years. Many colleges and universities, including California State University - Los Angeles and University of Southern California, offers art classes in the Los Angeles area.

Public four-year university offers a wide range of classes by curriculum and postgraduate art.

1) Bachelor of Arts in Art. This course allows students to focus on one of six areas of study, including animation, art historical past, art education and also arts.

2) Master of Arts. This is a degree in teaching art, history, art studio, graphic design or even fashion and textiles. The 2-year program provides students with advanced courses, bases on the basis set out in the curriculum. Classes include artistic concept of development, the world of art, color theory and artistic perception, illustration and critical.

Compared to the Masters program, the MFA course allows students to gain even more experience with a particular subject. The software processes involving digital imaging, conflicts and solutions of artistic design, advanced illustration and typography.

The University of Southern California's oldest exclusive status of university research. The university offers study through 17 units and colleges of education programs such as USC Roski School of Fine Arts.

1) Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. This four-year course provides students with a thorough understanding of the visual arts. optional programs allow students to engage in a wide range of artistic fields, while primary courses introduce students to the history of art, theory and application of ideas. Programs consist of the basic concepts of design, visual culture, contemporary art, theory and basic design.

2) Bachelor of Fine Arts. Students participate in many art studio classes and discover the artistic skills through seminars and internships in community programs, museums and associated organizations. The course BFA program are to sculpture, critics, narrative design, digital production and also ideas in 3D.

3) Master of Fine Arts. College students in this program learn about advanced skills through training based studio, lectures, seminars and community art projects. Each year, only 16 students are accepted into the MFA course, so students receive considerable attention from teachers. Students can take courses in interdisciplinary studies of art, art theory and criticism and individual studies.

4) Master of Public Art Studies. The course specializes in the role of art in communities and public agencies. Students in the course of dealing with art from a cultural, social, historical and learn to analyze public artistic ideas. The course includes classes in contemporary art in public contexts and artistic trends in public places. USC also offers a double degree program for those interested in public art and urban planning studies.

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