Use a Timer to Water Heater and Save Money

Using a timer water heater could be the answer to your prayers. If you have experienced an increase in their electricity bills, start planning to get one now. heaters are the highest energy consumption devices are in your home. You could spend up to $ 400 per year in electricity costs because of it!
A middle mark heated liters of water each time, regardless of whether or not you use. To cut costs, you can get a timer.

What is a water heater timer?
This is a device connected to your heater that lets you control when you want to turn on / off the heater at different times of the day.

As this is considered an energy saving factor?
Normally, hot water is needed only for showers, dishes and clothes washing. Instead of heating the water and again for 24 hours a day, you have the power to define when and how often it works. This saves up to 12% energy.

How does a timer water heater?
These timers have manual buttons that allows you to set specific times to turn on / off the heater during the day. If your schedule varies each day, you can opt for the more developed that come with a programmable function. A digital timer allows the programming of seven days you can set a different schedule for each day of the week. Basically, you are responsible for defining the time according to your usage time. This is particularly suitable for those with flexible schedules that time have routine need hot water.

For those who have different agendas than the weekend, less expensive available that come with a schedule of weekday and weekend.

Digital watches also have an integrated backup that saves your program even when there is a power failure. With this, you will need to reset your schedule whenever a power failure. These timers require minimal, if not zero maintenance.

As I can further reduce the cost of electricity?
Contact your utility company and ask if they offer a demand management program. This means that different rates are charged according to electricity demand at that particular time. lower rates are charged when demand is low (outside rush hours), and the highest rates are charged when demand is high (at peak times). If you are able to start running during peak hours, so you can always reduce the cost of electricity.

If you want to reduce your expenses on electricity bills, consider buying a timer heater.

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