Warnings When Booking Hotel-Motel Reserve Online

Did you check into a hotel / motel and become stressed? When you check into a hotel / motel you want your arrival to be quick and stress free. The computer makes our life easier in most cases - for hotel reservations / motel can make your life hell.

PROBLEMS Book your room online:

(1) The booking is guaranteed:

What you are not guaranteed is the type of room.

Example: You want a non-smoking room with a double bed. On arrival you received a king size bed in a smoking room.

(2) ROOM paid in advance by credit card.

The hotel clerk can not change.

This is your responsibility.

The payment plan must be changed in the source of a website.

(3) Name may be different from the person in the room reserved for:

When recording, the reservation can not be changed by the receptionist reserve the hotel / motel

The person's name must match the name on the reservation.

(4) Cancellations:

If you cancel you may have to pay a cancellation fee.

Another problem with traveling for pleasure or business is the check-in. The hotel / motel has its hours of check-in. The hotel / motel will not leave it in your room until check-in.

Some people wait until the last minute to check in and really check the room must be cleaned.

The most popular online sites for Travel:

(1) Departure

(2) Hotels.com

(3) Travelocity

(4) Hotwire

Always read the fine print when booking hotel rooms / motel on the line to save time consuming any unpleasant incidents at check-in.


Book directly at the hotel / motel:

(1) You can even save money on your fare.

(2) Your room will be paid the correct charge card on the basis of expenditure and taxes.

(3) Your room will be reserved in the correct name.

(4) You will receive the type of room you want.

You and hotel reservation clerk / motel will be happy and your hotel / motel stay will be great.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on many different topics.

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