Washing Machine Common Problems Associated with the Machine Repair Washing Timer

Washing machine timer helps manage the washing machine in a programmed manner. This contributes to the supply of electrical power to all parts of the washing machine systematically.

It consists of a switch to control the time and is considered the largest screen on the main panel of the control unit. It varies depending on the washing machine brand. Certain brand machines have this characteristic in the form of a mechanical device and looks like a watch. Other brands have digital electronic and it helps in the playback time.

Timer causes the washer to perform the washing at the exact specified length of time. The start button on the machine is usually a part of the timer knob and assist the setting for the appropriate wash cycle to occur from time. Pulling or pushing the button ensures compliance. There are two types called digital and mechanical type.


And the selector buttons differ from one machine to another. The washing machine can not operate with the help of the timer. Timer is generally known as the start button of the washing machine. The digital version is digitally controlled with an electronic switch. mechanical type is defined as a set automatically. Thereof is connected to the wire of the machine and is actuated manually.

The associated common problems

The washing machine is loaded timer to control most functions of the machine and control influences on the washing machine, fill a bathtub and processes, check the level of the drain water, the wash cycle definition and the washing duration. Sometimes a defective time and shows the whole washing process is concerned. The timer is connected to electronic son and the son can lead to damage to the description of the wrong time. splashing water also results in non-working timer. The breaking of son inside washing machines also produce the same result.


The additional feature plays an important role in the proper functioning of the washing machine. It is connected to most of the parts and processes of the washing machine. proper functioning is essential or it affects the operation of the washing machine. The repair can be done individually and requires knowledge on the technical training of washing machines. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain and repair the timer with the advice and guidance of the professional repair person.

As it is connected electronically, water spray and other fatty components or results of the soap and water damage to the timer. Thus, after the washing process, it must be kept clean and dry. It helps create some cycles in the movement of the washing machine and the buttons should be used with proper care.

Functioning of the component is associated with most of the washing machine parts. This contributes to display over the entire washing cycle length.

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