Water Heater Timers, Appliance and Devices Timers All Handy Pool to Save Energy

The US Department of Energy says that up to 12 percent of median income is used to pay electricity bills. Devices such as water heaters and lights are constantly running, constantly from energy. Install timers throughout the house allows you to run certain appliances only when necessary. This reduces energy consumption, resulting in cuts in the amount of money spent on energy bills.

The cost of hot water

Completion of a wash cycle with hot water is common in most homes. Many do not know that ninety percent of the energy consumed by the washing machine only goes to heating water. Many people also know that is the heating of water for 14% to 25% of residential energy consumption. "Heat loss in standby" refers to the energy consumed by the water heater while hot water is not being used. A water heater timer can be programmed to automatically turn off the heater off specific times of the day. A Intermatic timer is especially useful in homes with older water heaters manufactured before 1998. Install a timer on an older water heater would save a family of four about 14kWh / month.

Leaving the lights on when no one is at home

Do you find yourself leaving the house lights at night or when you go on vacation? For many, this action provides a sense of home protection. Intermatic timer for lights reduces the amount of light energy consumers, providing that feeling of home protection.

A lamp timer is simple to install and use. The devices manufactured by Intermatic timer connects directly to a power socket 2 pin. The lights come when the trigger is pulled and when the shutter button is pressed, the lights are off.
The devices can be of current robbers also

Heavy equipment, including heating and air conditioning equipment, can easily run for hours at a time. Intermatic timers available for such devices. The current energy crisis the world has many people interested in becoming "green" and learn to save more energy. At the same time, people may be afraid to leave their comfort zone and make the necessary changes to reduce your energy consumption. Install timers Intermatic throughout the house, if necessary, keeps this feeling of comfort, reducing the amount of energy consumed residential. Furthermore, using energy means less spending less money on energy bills and who would not want that?

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