Ways Nikola Tesla's Inventions have Changed the World

Nikola Tesla is the genius who first saw the power and energy could be drawn from any point in the universe - and used for a wide range of activities. Inventors and companies that depended for their own benefit in flooding of radical theories and outrageously creative inventions of Nikola Tesla managed very well to preserve their money wiring companies. When Nikola Tesla died in January 1943, the US government confiscated all his scientific research papers. Finally, Tesla died penniless, still working on innovative scientific research that have transformed the world we know.

Then, as the inventions of Nikola Tesla to change the world?

1. AC

The previous standard was DC (direct current), which was supported by the General Electric Corporation and extremely profitable due to the monopoly of the production companies. He had a serious limitation. DC can not be transported over long distances.

One of the inventions of Nikola Tesla who created the greatest impact was an alternating current (AC), the gold standard today for the distribution of electricity in the world.

2. Distribution of light

Another of Nikola Tesla secret was the discovery of how to make and distribute light. At the Expo, he bent glass tubes for the old version of neon lights, and a Tesla coil is equally impressive (and disturbing), which established the interests of companies completely removed it.

3. Radio

Marconi is credited in 1904 for the first radio show, but years later the patent application was overturned in favor of proof that Tesla had discovered the radio - many years earlier, in 1897, himself! How this initial patent granted? Well, Marconi had rich donors like Edison and Carnegie.

4. Remote control

Using radio waves to control a launch in 1898, this invention Nikola Tesla demonstrated the incredible potential of remote control multiple devices, especially in the military. During World War II, the Germans used RC tanks, and research has found many of these activities.

Among other pioneering inventions of Nikola Tesla was the electric motor, robotics, laser, wireless communications and free energy. This becomes vitally important in the world, such as fossil fuels become scarce and the cost of electricity is skyrocketing.

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