Weakened Immune System and What to Do About It

The immune system is the key to fight against any kind of insult to the body, since little shaving nick to the myriad of viruses that seem to abound these days. modern warfare disease conventional medicine directly by drugs, surgery, radiation therapy and other treatments, but true health can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy immune system healthy.

It is the immune system to fight diseases caused by micro-organisms and engineers the healing process.

Weaken the immune system results in increased susceptibility to virtually all types of diseases. Some common signs of impaired immune function include:

* Tired
* Apathy
* Repeated infections
* Inflammation
* Allergic reactions
* Slow healing
* Chronic diarrhea
* Infections that represent an overgrowth of some normally present organism, such as oral thrush, systemic candidiasis, or vaginal infections.

The immune system is different from other systems in the body because it is not a group of physical structures, but a system of complex interactions involving many agencies, substances and structures, including:

* White blood cells
* Bone marrow
* The vessels and lymphatic organs
* Specialized cells found in various tissues of the body,
* Specialized substances, called serum factors which are present in the blood

The human immune system is functional at birth, but does not work well. In large part, this is because immunity is something that develops the system matures and the body learns to defend against different foreign invaders called antigens.

The immune system has the ability to learn to recognize and remember specific antigens that have been found. It does this in two basic ways, called cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity

Another important component of immunity is the lymphatic system. This is a system of bodies, including:

* Spleen
* Thymus
* Tonsils
* The lymph nodes

It is through the lymphatic system, the fluid space between the cells is removed carrying with it the waste, toxins and other tissue debris. Wonderful it is, the immune system can function as intended only if handled with care. Many elements of the environment in which we live today undermine the defensive capabilities of the immune systems.

* The chemicals in the cleaning products we use
* Excessive use of antibiotics and other drugs
* Antibiotics
* Pesticides
* The additives in foods we eat
* Exposure to environmental pollutants all put pressure on the immune system.

Stress results in a sequence of biochemical events that ultimately suppresses the normal activity of white blood cells and put excessive demands on the endocrine system and the depletion of body necessary nutrients. The result is impaired ability of healing and reduced defense against infection.

Immune function is a complex act of balance. Many disorders, including:

* Allergies
* Lupus
* Pernicious anemia
* Rheumatic heart disease
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Perhaps diabetes

They were associated with inappropriate immune system activity. There was an increase in people trying to find a natural immune system support. herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system, acting as a natural immunity tonics to encourage normal and efficient defense against pathogens and routine recovery.

There are now many published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to stimulate natural immunity and support normal and healthy function of the immune system to reduce the recovery time.

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