When the Road ends Northern Beaches Chaloklum Koh Phangan Thailand

Chaloklum Fishing Village is a small traditional fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand Thailand, which discovered tourism. More importantly, the tourists found Chaloklum.

The reasons for the growing popularity of Chaloklum are simple and can be summed up in three words - location, location, location.

Haad Kuad - Bottle Beach

Although not really in Chaloklum Bay, Bottle Beach or Haad Kuad as it is known in Thai, is best reached by longtail boat from the pier in Chaloklum. Bottle beach is not developed and depends on the power electrical generating often. It is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate.

Haad Khom

Chaloklum is surrounded by some of the best diving beaches in Koh Phangan. Just north of Chaloklum road is a bit Haad Khom. Haad Khom is the last outpost in the northwest accessible by road. It houses a small mom and dad bungalow operation that is as peaceful as it is beautiful, and snorkeling along the reef near the coast can be excellent. Scuba diving is a bonus.

Coral Bay

Just before Haad Khom, and a little closer to the village itself is Coral Bay. Coral Bay is located in the main reef which runs along the north of the bay of Chaloklum. Coral Bay is home to another steep hill climbing bungalow operation that rises from the bay. Coral Bay is good for swimming when the tide is high. The reef protects the shore of the biggest waves that can come knocking on the rainy season.

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