Worst Attacks the Immune System of All Time

The immune system is attacking more now than ever before in human history. Reduced to its simplest form, the immune system has tow functions: auto identify non-self and destroy or eliminate non-self. This can only work when the functions of the immune system optimally. With an intact immune system can not be any serious or chronic illness. Our only protection against them is our immune system.

Why is there so much sickness and disease rampant through our society? SARS kills hundreds worldwide. The public is warned generally against avian influenza and West Nile virus. The answer is simple ... a weakened immune system.

Medical research has established that every serious and chronic disease is directly associated with immune dysfunction. In addition, research has shown that the decrease in NK (natural killer) cell activity levels are present in almost all diseases. Over one hundred eighty-seven types of cells identified by the immune system. Helper T cells are brain cells called the immune system. They coordinate the immune response to any threat. Cytotoxic T cells respond to virus and cancer. The suppressor T cells are used to decrease the action of the immune system after the threat has been eliminated. Macrophages are involved in all aspects of the immune response. Natural Killer cell function to kill tumor cells and viruses, bacteria and parasites in contact, without direction of the immune system. This fight between me and can not, I only work when the functions of the immune system optimally.

Things get complicated when the body:

- Incorrectly identifies an attacker and / or attacks "self" (auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and many others), a pure example of the disease where the body attacks ;

- You can not identify an attacker (or poorly manufactured cell, such as cancer);

- Is compromised due to poor diet, stress or toxicity to the extent that he is unable to overcome immune insult.

Since nutritional deficiencies reduce the ability of a person of your immune system, in this case, to stimulate the immune system is a must to prevent diseases. Since our food sources have been deficient in both vitamins and minerals, and as it is almost impossible to get adequate nutrition from our current food supply, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the public will benefit from the adoption of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, including regular use of nutritional supplements. There is ample evidence that supplementation can replace what is missing to better support our system diseases and decrease the immune risk.

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