Zombies The Walking Dead Walk off the page in AMC TV Series

Zombies roam the pages of Robert Kirkman comic The Walking Dead on your TV screen. The winner of the Emmy Award network announced that the series, which will premiere on the day of Halloween 2010 will be directed by Frank Darabont. The main character walking Dead Rick Grimes, a cop from a small town in Kentucky, who with his family and other survivors gathered to try to survive after the world is overrun with zombies. The series uses zombies as a foil for more character development than the main purpose of the story. Ultimately, the story of The Walking Dead is about how human beings react and develop after the tragic life altering events that changed their lives.

The story begins when Rick was wounded in a shootout. When he awakens from a coma, he discovers that the hospital and the city is taken by zombies. Deciding to follow Glenn, Rick finds its Lori wife and son Carl to the group of other survivors, with Shane, his partner in the police force. Think died Rick, Shane and Lori were in the process and case and Shane's not exactly happy that his former partner returned.

Research group to a safer place, installed in several homes and temporary camps, including a prison, that comes to the attention of a mad man who calls himself the governor. The governor directs your city, Woodbury, Rick as a dictator and torture and other members of their group, finally attacking the group in prison. The Walking Dead fans have waited for the next series of television. The Internet has been in turmoil since the announcement, especially since the CMA presented some scenes from the series at Comic-Con. Fans flocked to their favorite place for fans to count the first.

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