5 Ways to Use Facebook for Business How to Help Your Facebook Be more Social Enterprise

Facebook is undoubtedly the number one site social media. With hundreds of millions of members and growing fast, so Facebook is not part of your company's online marketing strategy you are missing a great opportunity.

So what makes Facebook so good?

From a business perspective, Facebook meets all requirements. Facebook is an up-to-the-minute social site, other media provides this level of relevance time? People want their friends and colleagues updated, not necessarily the latest breaking celebrity news.

The design, colors, layout and content on Facebook calls for "most" people. Not an environment 'salesy', although there are many ways for a company to promote and sell their products and services. People hate to be sold. Facebook is great because of the many benefits listed above visual.  

Professional Facebook

In addition to a "profile" Facebook is for personal use, Facebook also offers the Facebook Pages for businesses to promote themselves.

Think of it as a mini website within Facebook that allows you to connect with prospects and customers. There are many elements to maximize your Facebook page for companies and this will be the subject of this article ...

5 ways to use Facebook for business ... How Facebook helps your company to be more social ...

1. Like Button - up a Facebook business page is a button 'Like'. When users click on the Like button, from there, they will receive the "updates" or "posts" that some of the Facebook page of the "wall." The wall is the epicenter of collaborating with "fans" on a Facebook page.

Once a user clicks the button as no page refresh this company will appear in users' News Feed, "which is the first page a user sees when they log in to your Facebook account.

As a business tool, the button also allows you to build your "list" fans, you can contact the intermediary of your messages on your wall.

2. The wall - there are three standard menu items 3 on a Facebook page. They 'Wall', 'Info' and 'Photos'. The wall is where your "conversations" with their fans. You can post updates about your business, products, services, news, articles of interest, anything you can think of!

Fans who read your message can then click on "like" in response to what you've written and can choose to "comment" to share your thoughts and beliefs about his position.

3. Sharing - When you post on your wall fans also have the opportunity to "share" of the position, which means they can tell their friends about the position that opens up new opportunities for new fans. This is where social media becomes "viral". If you still create messages that are shared, you can attract many new fans at no cost to you.

The outbreak of the sharing process is, of course, to leave something to your wall is enough that the fans want to share interesting or maybe funny.

One of the easiest ways to start is to ask people to share their message. Simply by asking, fans are likely to share your message, which becomes a post on your own wall profile, your friends can see and or "like", "comment" or "share".

4. Network - as a business, it is always important to network with other businesses to create a relationship and maybe a referral program that is mutually beneficial.

A way to network with other companies on Facebook is to visit other companies Facebook Pages, click the "like" and post a comment or something interesting on your wall. This will start the potential for a relationship if done correctly.

An additional way is 'tag' business Facebook page on your wall as a way to promote your page to your fans. People naturally want to such positive gestures and other company may choose to do the same on your wall so your fans see a link to your Facebook page and you can click and "like" his Facebook page. Now you have more fans simply network with other companies on Facebook.

5. Custom Facebook Page - in addition to the three standard menu items, you also have the option of installing a "custom" in your Facebook page. This opens your marketing opportunities simply because you can put any content you want on your personal Facebook page. This may include links to your website, videos, testimonials, competitions, etc.

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