Beginner's Guide How to Sell Your Business on Facebook

You can use Facebook ads to accomplish a variety of things to grow your Facebook audience to promote your applications or generate traffic to your website, products and services.

In this guide, we take a look at the Facebook ads present options available and how to use them.

If you do not have an advertising account created on Facebook, then you can do so by clicking on the word "advertisement" at the bottom of most Facebook pages.

An overview of different types of Facebook ads

1. Website Clicks

This option allows to connect to specific pages on your website in the news feed to users and the laptop, and the sidebar.

2. Site Conversions

You can produce tracking pixels conversions in your Facebook Ads Manager. You can then create the ad conversion website once you have set up your conversion tracking pixel.

3. Page post Engagement

These ads can improve the number of people, actions, and active discussion within your Facebook page posts.

Guests can make use of videos, images, or text ads in the news feed for desktop and mobile users as well as the sidebar.

4. Page Likes

These ads allow you to target the audience will be more likely to do business with you and encourage them to become fans of your Facebook page.

As you grow your fan base, you'll be able to target ads and messages in natural potential clients to get more Likes on Facebook.
5. App Installer

App Installs ads allow you to increase the number of people using its mobile application with placing ads in the new mobile power users.

6. Engagement App

App engagement ads that you can encourage users to use your app more often place ads in the new mobile power users.

7. Answers Event

These ads allow you to get even more exposure for your upcoming events (both online and live events), and get people to RSVP for the event. You can put used Answers ads in the right sidebar for desktop users.

8. Video Views

These ads allow you to drive, well ... views to your videos. Facebook optimize these ads to be seen by people most likely to watch videos. These ads can run on all devices.

9. Claims Offer

Provide ad claims allow you to drive people to your business to redeem a coupon or special offer. You can put the ads claim offers in the news feed for desktop and mobile users as well as the right sidebar.

10. Premium Ads

Facebook also offers high-end commercials for those who want to be guaranteed your ads will appear on top of the news feed or a sidebar prominent local.

Facebook ad specifications

Every year, it seems that Facebook is a major overhaul of its ad specifications in accordance with the latest revision of platform, so that you are better confirm existing details by visiting and by clicking the "Facebook ads" tab.

In general, however, Facebook allows you to place most of your new desktop power users and users-- phone or on the right sidebar.

The ads are not linked to a Facebook page will be placed in the right bar for desktop users.

Creation of the pub on your Facebook page

Now let's take a look at what you can produce your ads. All ads must be associated with a specific Facebook page, so look at the ads created through the lens to be a director of a specific Facebook page.

1. Promote your page

When you go to your Facebook page, the first opportunity of promotion you will see is "to promote your page" in the left sidebar.

The ads use the name of your Facebook page, a brief description, and cover photo for creation. You can click on the icon of the wheel settings on the screen and select Advanced Options to configure your ad text and custom image ads on Facebook Manager.

Once you actually set up these options, you can click on Promote Facebook page to send your ad for review and approval.

If you want to have more control over targeting options, you can click on the icon below the preview wheel settings and select "Advanced Options" to set up your ad with a more targeted audience on Facebook Ads Manager.

Once earned, you can target your advertising region, interests, age and sex. Once you have defined these options, you can click "boost" to send to your Facebook ad for review and approval.

And as above, you can get more sophisticated with your target by choosing "Advanced options" when you are able to configure your ad in the Ad Manager Facebook.

2. Promote Website

If you have a link to a website in the "About" section of your Facebook page, you have the opportunity to promote your site through Facebook Ads also.

Clicking on this option, you have to customize your ad text and image, and then see how your ad will appear in the news feed.

Also, if you want to use more advanced targeting options, you can click on the icon of the wheel settings under the preview and select "Advanced Options" to configure your ad on Facebook Ad Manager production of advertisement with Facebook Ad Manager. While the above are simple to create ads directly from your page, Facebook Ads Manager allows you to access many other advertising options, create entirely custom creative and target your ads to very specific audiences .

To start, click on the "Create an ad" in your Facebook Ads Manager. then you select the list of ads selection objectives.

The real magic using Facebook Ads Manager occurs when you specify your target audience.

When you create an ad on your Facebook page, for example, you can simply target by interest, location, age and gender.

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