Facebook Basic Marketing Strategies

Facebook Basic Marketing Strategies to Generate Endless Leads and Dominate

According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular site with Google. Researched and found that over 30% of subscribers worldwide internet visit Facebook every day. Facebook currently has 300 million subscribers and is growing rapidly. 45 million updates are on Facebook all day and users worldwide spend about 8000 minutes a day.
How are you taking the attention of Facebook users? The purpose of this post is to make you aware of Facebook marketing strategies and the basic tools you need to generate successful leads and dominate.
Always remember Facebook is a social network and should not be used to launch your business. Prosperity in your Facebook marketing is directly proportial the number of solid relationships developed with fellow users. So, let's start.

Facebook profile

A picture is worth a thousand words. Recommend you to view all your sites in your profile. Those who visit your profile page can click on your URLS and learn more about you.

Add friends

After creating a profile, do not wait for things to happen. Furthermore excess friend will result in removal of your Facebook page administrators.

Interact with friends through comments and as

Once you've added a few friends and see your content on your home page, start interacting with them like and comment on your updates. Commenting updates could have a viral effect. When you comment on an update, your comment will appear on the update of the wall and is visible to all your friends. Key is to interact with your Facebook friends as much as possible.

Facebook Albums

Feel free to share your photos and videos with your friends on Facebook. People would like to know more about you through photos and videos. If you have been to a networking event and take photos with the leaders and networkers colleagues share these images with stories about events and see the traffic to your site more and more.

Facebook Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video? In 2009, the video market is growing quickly and is here to stay. Facebook allows you to either upload videos or videos instantly. The more you share videos, the better. Do not share your videos to networking events, funny incidents, achievements and any other video that can have a positive influence on others. Use Facebook video functionality in a couple of ways and see phenomenal results:
1. I present myself with friends recently added. A short video describing who I am and appreciate friendship
2. I use the instant option of recording video to wish the Facebook birthdays for friends

Facebook groups

Group positions you as a leader and displays the value you can offer networkers colleagues. Facebook users who join your group can be converted into prospects for your biz through effective strategies of attraction marketing. It is useful to create a group and provide value to the group through emails, invitations to events, etc. Also use Facebook groups to identify like minded people and promote my messages.

Facebook Events

Facebook allows you to create a public event (visible to all Facebook members) and provides URL that can be used to communicate in other social networks like Twitter, MySpace, etc. according to the event keeps track of user state (present, not attending, perhaps) on the event.

Facebook Wall Posts

Evey user on Facebook has a wall where it sends messages and moderate comments. If you are a Facebook user kernel, I'm sure you should messages and promote your content on your wall. Facebook will disable your account if they see spam.

Facebook Notes

You have a word to release self-hosted blog? Otherwise, Recommend you start blogging and providing valuable content. Facebook notes is an amazing feature that you can use to make your blog valuable content publicly visible to all Facebook members. This feature would increase your blog traffic tremendously, and ultimately your sales if you use the blog as a hub / central nervous center as mentioned in my post Blueprint marketing activity.

Facebook applications

Not a big fan of apps on Facebook that generate enough traffic to use the functions mentioned above.

However, there are some applications that use personally

Vuyou (Video Email request): If you are an Internet Marketer and are generating leads through various marketing strategies like PPC, ads, etc., you should already know the value of connecting with the prospect.
Blogs Network: Use this app to increase visibility for my blog. This is a cool application that allows Facebook users to subscribe to my blog and access my updated regularly.

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