Pancake Day Tips for Perfect Pancakes in 2006

Pancake Day tradition, celebrated in the UK and elsewhere, goes back centuries. Pancake Day 2006 falls on February 28.

In the UK, pancake races, where the objective is to continue to play a pancake in a frying pan as you go, take place throughout the country. Even if people do not participate in a traditional race, many families will celebrate Mardi Gras cooking up a stack of pancakes. Here are some tips to ensure that your pancakes are perfect.

    Mix until the dough is a very simple recipe pancake batter, to about 16 pancakes. Using a blender, place the ingredients in the bowl in the following order: 2 eggs, 200g flour (1½ cups), a pinch of salt, milk 550ml (2 ½ cups). Heat the pan pancakes success secret lies in the pan. Very cool and pancakes not settled well, and you will not be able to start. Very hot, and you end up with pancakes that have burned down side. Bring a frying pan 6-7 inches (15 cm) wide. Rub lightly with oil - you can use a spray or pour a little oil on a piece of kitchen paper and rub it around the pan. If the pan is smoking, which is very hot.

    Stir a pancake carefully Pour a portion of dough - not too much - and quickly stir around for a pancake that fits in the pan base. Speed ​​is the issue here, it needs a pulse of qualified motion to produce the perfect form. Remember, shaped pancakes bad taste so good, so there is no need to be too obsessive.

    Mix a pancake Keep loosen the edges of pancakes with a slice of fish, and shake the pan occasionally to release the center of the crepe. Make sure the pancake is not stuck, and stir gently so that it slides around the pan. Serve a pancake for a traditional pancake Pancake Day, there's only coverage possible - the sugar and lemon. Slide the pancake cooked on a griddle. Squeezing a fresh lemon juice on net, sprinkle sugar, and roll - yum. Happy Pancake Day 2006!

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