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Where have you been?

It is a social networking site that swinging hot seems to be almost everywhere today. It's on the news. It is on the minds of millions of people every day.

It's called "Facebook" and more than 175 million people are active on this site.

Ok- You may be wondering, "The law on Facebook?" Yes, 10 of them for marketing and business success in what you do. Built a training and consulting company that does business in over 20 countries because of social media and the Internet. And there are only market forces that all traders and professionals should follow if they will succeed in the online market.

It is the same for Facebook.

Lets briefly cover:

1) The law of visibility on Facebook.

You must be visible on Facebook, you will get your message. You should spend time on Facebook and meet people. You have to put together a "Facebook plan" and it works. How many times will you make friends with someone this week?

2) The law of powerful Facebook profile.

Why do people want to meet you? One of the first things they check your Facebook profile. Is it people curious and want to know? Do you smile? Facebook potent profiles are not based on what is said in his Profile-, but he does.

3) Facebook WALL law.

You must use your wall on the market or message. many people consider their wall as a communication tool such as email. Having a Facebook email. The wall is for you building brick by brick MESSAGE IN A NOTE FOR VIDEO Message OBSERVAÇÃO- BY video- your brand on Facebook. Whenever something happens, it goes on your wall. Look no wall- mounted SUCKER and make your page- peak message and stay there with the wall. And reply to messages on your wall. Thank you people to share with you for your visit or message. This will appear on your wall. This will stand out most on Facebook. The wall is just a sign that you and your friends are doing on Facebook.

4) The law of your Facebook network.

You are part of a local network Facebook and you have access to this network to integrate. I live in Birmingham Michigan, and the network that a part is the net of Detroit. There are 640,926 people in my network that I could potentially meet live in one place and get to know them and communicate with them. You have local people. Click "Settings" and click "Network."

5) The Law of Facebook notifications.

This is a forgotten and rarely talked about utility. Notifications are part of your "e-mail system of Facebook." Go to "Email" on top of your Facebook profile page and click on "Notifications". This is the list of people who think of you, talk about you, including tags, and is usually pointed at you. This is a gold mine of people who have proven that they are behind you and willing to do some of your Facebook experience. Watch for Facebook notifications. Also in your tags and other activities on Facebook Include. Notifications are gold and is safe prospecting leads. And be sure you stay connected to them.

6) The law of love Facebook Link.

The link to the application on Facebook is a rare commodity. It allows you to post a link you like and then sends the news feed that is on your home page. It takes the image you want in the link page and allows it to be a direct link. Send the link to other people and givem some love. You will receive credit for the link. People like bond of love. If you send a large number of links from other people on Facebook, they will start sending your links.
7) The Law of Facebook groups.

Join groups. Join a large number of groups. Start your own groups. The join multiple groups. Why? Here are some reasons: EXHIBITION. The connection with other group members. AUTHORITY. Raise Your REACH.Groups extend their reach on Facebook. OUTLOOK multiplied. There are more people in a group - then on a profile page.

Duh. Make them value and messages of interest.

8) Facebook Events Act.

Attend events. Participate in other events. It allows you to leave a message on the wall of the Event page and create an exhibition. I participate in at least two Facebook events each week- for learning and networking. Events can be found in the new Facebook page at the top right on "Next", these are the events that are coming. There is a unique twist: you have birthdays in the tag "next" and you can send gifts to people. This will attract their attention, it appears on your wall and news feed, too. Attend as many events as possible. Make it worth your Time-learn and grow with them. RSVP BUT'always leave a message about treating or not with an encouraging message. This will show your professionalism and care.

UP event! This will make you well on Facebook. Put the term "events" in the search box, and you will find all events happening on your network of friends. It is a gold mine of new business possibilties. Become a master of the event!

9) Facebook law MULTIMEDIA- Videos and photos.

People like photos and videos. They are the most viewed and Facebook pages watched. Add some photos. Not only to be seen on your wall and news feed of Facebook, but also enable other "tag" on these. It is called EXPOSURE!

10) The Law of Facebook NEWS FEED.

This is the big kahuna exposure on Facebook. This gets you out of all your friends and create a massive display of vehicle that can keep your brand before and recognized. This gives you tremendous exposure. Whatever you do, change your status, upload a video, write and publish a note, or just comments on the message new Facebook comments of another person that appears in the news feed. Be seen- and be seen often, if you try to score with Facebook.

Yes, you need to establish relationships and build community. The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook you hope gave us an idea in your social media marketing.

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