Through Monetize Facebook Contest

Today thousands of online entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies are monetizing Facebook through competitions. It is common to see companies pushing products or services is through contests hosted on the social networking site. The power of Facebook as a marketing tool is undeniable. Facebook is, after all, the largest social media site out there. Even if your company only works offline, you can still make a huge online presence with him on Facebook.

Holding a Facebook contest is nothing new. Since the early days of the site, people used to hold competitions. Marketers have seen the potential of Facebook contest and they are enjoying. You must be doing it right if you want to enjoy huge traffic levels and member Facebook. If you do, you will probably fail.

Speaking of tools, it is a tool that is particularly useful for making Facebook contest and it would be the Facebook Connect feature. If you want to try to monetize Facebook through contests and Facebook Connect is something you should look at. Facebook Connect was designed specifically to help you as external parties to get a better experience in the social network. Regarding the competitions, Facebook Connect will extend the results of the contest campaign.

But first, what exactly is that Facebook Connect and why it is important to host Facebook competitions? In simpler terms, but is a Facebook feature that allows users to share their information and activities to third-party sites and applications. You basically connect your Facebook account with third party sites. Looking at this scenario in a marketing perspective, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, traders and businesses to connect with customers, readers, customers, fans, etc. It is therefore not surprising to see many Facebook site organizing competitions, taking advantage of the Facebook Connect feature. Simply double or even triple the number of people you can reach, if you use Facebook Connect to a contest.

Here's what happens if you are hosting a contest on Facebook and then make use of Facebook Connect. Say you create a Web application specifically for the competition you have in mind. For people to participate in the competition, they must have a profile on Facebook and they need to connect to the Web application you created via Facebook Connect. To use the Web application, they connect using the login details of Facebook, because that's the whole point behind Facebook Connect. Just use your Facebook login to connect to third-party applications and Web sites.

Now, when these people interact with their implementation, these interactions will be displayed on the walls of Facebook. They will appear in others foods that are friends with the people who joined your contest. In essence, people who join their competition will promote your contest for free. More people will be directed to your competitors on Facebook. If your Facebook contest is quite interesting, it could go viral. If the competition is focused on the promotion of a product or service to you, we expect an increase in sales. Here's how powerful Facebook contest can be.

An obvious disadvantage of using Facebook Connect in a competition is the fact that people today are more aware of security issues. They will not simply give up their Facebook login information. Although Facebook Connect is very safe, you can not discount the fact that people were afraid sometimes when asked to connect to their Facebook profiles on external sites Facebook banner. However, if the offers or prices in their competitions are difficult to refuse, Facebook users have shown again and again to take risks when faced with large free offers. That said, if you play your cards right, people will be more willing to connect their Facebook accounts to your website or application.

The goal is to monetize Facebook through some competition? This basically translates to make money from Facebook. Most companies use Facebook contest for marketing purposes such as branding, introducing a new product or service, etc. The goal is to drive as many people to your website or a web application using the Facebook Connect feature, and then present them to your offers and services. It is a very effective marketing strategy because you have high quality products and services that will attract customers to you.

Here are some tips on how to effectively conduct a contest Facebook Connect:

They offer great prices. Give people reasons why they should connect to your Facebook account to your website or application. If you offer $ 5 price, why would anyone even bother to call you? Then, offer prices that will surprise people that they have no other choice but to join.

Create a Facebook page specifically for your competitors. Keep in mind that Facebook page is different from a Facebook profile or a Facebook group pages. This makes great tool to promote competition.

Encourage those who joined your contest to share the contest with their Facebook friends. Numbers can easily grow as people begin to share your competitors.

These are all you need to know about monetizing Facebook through competitions. A Facebook Contest is not very difficult to remove. If you have the best deals, Facebook users will do all the marketing for you. For example, if you offer a free iPad, thousands of people will probably share your competitors, shortly after announcing it.

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