15 Blow Your Mind When Visiting Japan

Things That Will Blow Your Mind When Visiting Japan

Japan is a country full of history, culture, traditions, ceremonies, a country of paradoxes and in which stereotypes (the good ones) are real.

Here is a list of 15 things that will blow your mind when visiting Japan.


1. Football (soccer) fields are above buildings

Yes, space is a commodity in Tokyo as a bonus to have a football field in the city center is almost unthinkable, however, if there is someone who can solve problems related to space are certainly the Japanese. The call "giant", however, it is an understatement!

2. Everything is Art In Japan, especially the signs and magazine advertisements

The work of art in Japan are not reserved exclusively for the art world, however, you will find art everywhere, including billboards, signs, road works have even beautiful designs for communicate things to the public.
In Asakusa, you will find many craft markets and great sushi bars with conveyor belts carrying around sushi and other specialties.
Matcha green tea is a staple food and there is hot water every 2 people to help you make a cup of hot drink.

3. False Food Samparu

One of the first concerns that people have when they are about to visit Japan is language. How will you know where to go and, more importantly, if you do not speak Japanese, how do you order food? Ask how a dish is good because you need food to live well, do not worry because the culture of Japanese-type thought to create replicas of each plate and display in their windows.
These foods are called monitors, "sampuru" a word that comes from the English word sample.
Food dishes are handmade and customized for restaurants and even common elements such as ramen are modified to match the menu for each establishment.

4. Dotonbori in Osaka

Dotonbori, Osaka's most famous street is endless fun delights of takoyaki and okonomiyaki from homes Kushikatsu and Teppanyaki. Since we started talking about food, the next logical thing to mention is because Osaka Osaka is the capital of Japanese food.
Eclectic, decadent, spicy are all adjectives that describe only the food culture in this dense city.

5. All-katsu

When you see the word "Katsu" in a menu, it means that the food (meat, fish or vegetables) was breaded and fried.
Food Katsu is crispy breaded in panko flour. The result is a light and airy texture.
Your meal Katsu come with white rice, miso soup and pickled ginger (white or pink) to cleanse the palate.
If you like curry, you can order (sea fruit vegetable meat) katsu curry for flat full of spicy flavors.

6. A tea traditional ceremony

If you have done all the way to Japan, and you do not take part in a traditional tea ceremony at least once, let me tell you openly that you made a big mistake!
Tea ceremonies are the essence of Japanese culture ... a glass of tea!
The party was at the cultural center of art in Kyoto. You will learn how to host the ceremony to honor your guests in the most stylish way to learning more about Japanese culture.

7. Mayonnaise museum

Remember that the legendary Kewpie mayonnaise mentioned at number six?

8. Mochi Sweets

Mochi is a Japanese cake "mochigome", a glutinous rice short grain.
Mochi is then separately in small bites that can be eaten as is or with a variety of toppings, sour red bean for ice cream.

9. Wood is everywhere

Wood is probably the most loved material in Japan, if you look at how it is used. rice spoons and hammers for furniture, floors and buildings Wood is everywhere! Wood sculptures and is one of the oldest Japanese craftsmanship. This temple also includes the largest Buddha bronze statue in the world, which is 15 meters high and weighs 500 tonnes.

10. Cherry Blossom is not great: It's HUGE!

If you are visiting Japan in the spring, you can not avoid the cherry blossoms. "Sakura" is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. We can not blame them, though; became a national garden interrupted white and pink colors dominate.

11. Clothing and fashion

A trip to Tokyo will take care of your Halloween parties and costumes for life! Stroll the famous street Takeshita in Tokyo for an unforgettable experience.

12. Automatic dispensers

If you thought that you were aware of ATM because you saw a vending machine or snacks at your local school or hospital, etc. think again! Japan Vending machine manufacturers Association estimates that there are:
1 machine every 23 people. You'll find food, condoms, clothes, toiletries, food, toys, electronics, books, medicines to name a few. During the time we spent in Japan, we never found an ATM that does not work, how amazing is that?

13. Snakes Drinks

Habushu is one alcoholic beverage base Awamori native of Okinawa.
Habushu is more commonly known as Habu Sake, Okinawa or snake wine.
Superstitions suggest that Habushu drink brings positive effects, such as energy and positively affects male libido like snakes Habu coupling up to 26 hours.

14. Coffee and theme cafes

Over the past 20 years, there has been a development of coffee plantations in Okinawa Prefecture, which, with its tropical climate, it is a great place to grow coffee. During our trip to Okinawa, we visited an organic coffee in Naha, where he served the best coffee ever tried.
Although coffee cultivation can be still young in Japan, there is certainly no shortage of themed cafes.

15. Crosswalks

If you visited the world's major cities like New York or London, you know how long it can take to cross a cross join, if you need to go to a place directly on the diagonal for you. In Japan, instead, it's easy as 1,2,3! After all this is Japan !!

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