7 Reasons Why Iceland Holidays Make Your Stay

A stay in Iceland promises spectacular excursions, fascinating tours and unique environment. Traffic to the highlands significantly decreases until September, but most tourist attractions are open and busy. Visitors will be amazed at what a great place to travel to Iceland. The country comes to commercial and tourist holidays and extending great hospitality to travelers.

Reason 1

- see to believe! 603 miles from Norway, topography and the jagged coast of Iceland is truly spectacular. With a bright environment, floating, every day reveals breathtaking landscapes and natural and man-made wonders that exist nowhere else.

Reason 2

- Take a London three-hour flight or pick up the US $ 464 round-trip flight from Chicago. Keflavik International Airport receives flights from most European international airports on a daily basis. Many cities in the United States also has direct flights to Iceland.

Reason 3

- A trip around the circumference of Iceland is an unforgettable journey of 831 miles on Ring Road. You will see crystal clear lakes, black sand beaches, cliffs, glaciers, countless waterfalls, volcanoes and Geyser, the most spectacular gushing spring in Europe.

Reason 4

- Iceland is a lifestyle and culture that is very unique and is proud of its strangeness.

Reason 5

- Although social activities may be unsophisticated, the kitchen is unmatched. Seafood dishes are fresh and exotic. Regular seafood dishes include Asian crab legs, cod, sushi, lobster and "Plokkfiskur" and rarities such as whales, puffins or foal. Popular specialties include red meat outdoor lamb and lamb hot dog, the most popular meal on the island.

Reason 6

- You are always safe in Iceland. Even the small occasional crime is rare and is usually the result to celebrate a little vigorously.

Reason 7 

- Duty-free shops. Iceland has large stores free rate of all home products and international designer products. Attractive bold and striking structural designs for hours more formal evening where gusts and native dress up at night.

It is impossible to list all the conveniences Iceland has to offer. Fortunately, they will whet your appetite for Iceland seductions offers each member of your holiday group.

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