A Look at Possible Changes to The Team Denver Broncos 2011

The team Denver Broncos 2011 will undergo some changes now that his new vice president of football operations (John Elway) has partnered with John Fox, who is the coach of the team. Elway is a former general and his presence should inculcate something new in the team. Last season was not the best for the Broncos, whose defense drop the miserably.

It seems that the defensive positions will require an update. Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton will compete for the post defender.

Here, management will choose someone like Patrick Peterson of LSU. It is up to the coach to decide if the current players on the inside line really at or if it is necessary to develop some new faces. If players like Laurence Maroney and Correll Buckhalter stay or be replaced? This is another question that management must answer.

Probably adding a new face to fill this position will help improve the team's performance in the 2011 season At the same time, there is very little chance that the team Denver Broncos 2011 will be your best linebacker. Many believe that the Broncos will be looking for a new defensive lineman and that this position could be filled by the second overall pick.

Broncos certainly messed up the defense in the 2010 season and has allowed 7 yards in the air and the second largest number of rushing yards. Adding someone like Da Quan Bowers certainly help improve the number of bags.

Adding players like Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus could strengthen the defense of the execution. Von Miller of Texas A & M can be a good option and can help improve performance in 2011 Denver Broncos. Miller could join Elvis Dumervil and help revive the rushes through. In fact, Miller is known for his ability to pass rush and it is also very quick and agile as well.

Finally, there seems to be a renewed optimism about the 2011 season Hopefully they can avoid a lock and NFL action will resume and the Broncos can compete to regain its competitiveness in 2011.

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