Acid PH can Affect the Pancreas?

Means healthy pancreas with healthy digestion. Healthy digestion fills a healthy body.
How can we maintain our healthy pancreas? What weaken the function of the pancreas?
PH can affect the pancreas? Scientists and doctors use as measuring the pH of the acid-base balance of the body. If the pH drops below 7.0 - acidic condition, or even 8.0 - alkaline conditions, brain, heart, lungs stop functioning, and death follows.

The human being has a complex mechanism to maintain stable blood pH - 7.4. Most striking is the blood bicarbonate buffer to neutralize the excess acid in the blood and minerals such as calcium and magnesium bone and muscle potassium and magnesium, which body can support to neutralize the acidity. Our body can not manufacture these alkaline compounds, so we have to take them out, especially food and water.

Unfortunately, the modern diet consisting of acidic chemicals that cause all the acidity of the body.
Processed foods without natural digestive enzymes, red meat, white flour, white rice, dairy products, alcohol, bad fats, and sugars in particular tend to make the acidity of our body. Acidity whole body literally kills the pancreas. More information can be found in my eBook: Pancreas healthy, healthy it. Pancreatic gland is alkaline. It produces pancreatic juice, which is a strong alkaline solution of the body.

Pancreatic juice alkalinity depends mainly on its bicarbonate content. Pancreatic duct bicarbonate blood, particularly in blood bicarbonate alkalinity means more pancreatic juice. On the other hand, more alkalinity of pancreatic juice means greater activity of digestive enzymes from the pancreas - better digestive and healthy body function.

Lower amount of bicarbonate in the pancreas results in everything goes wrong, for example, low alkalinity of pancreatic juice, low activity of pancreatic enzymes, indigestion, lack of essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins, EFA, amino acids, etc.), yeast Candida overgrowth, parasites, low energy, chronic disease, premature aging, etc.

Many doctors, scientists and health professionals agree that any acidity of the body, is also called chronic metabolic acidosis, is very common in the modern world now, and this acidity is linked to lifestyles, particularly with the current food. When minerals and bicarbonates come? As we have discussed, they mostly come from food and water.

Some products are acidic in taste, but alkaline by the metabolic activity of the body. For example, lemons, apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut tastes bitter, but in small amounts, they promote alkalinity in the body. Practically, more problems with digestion require more effort to restore the alkalinity of the body. Alkalinity from plant foods, foods that contain live enzymes, unprocessed natural foods and organic foods.

Acidity derived from animal foods, processed foods without all the live enzymes, artificial, lack of natural, non-organic food.

Unfortunately, low-grade chronic metabolic acidosis is a common problem among adult humans who eat modern diets. What it is also essential that causes problems in the assimilation of minerals and bicarbonates of alkaline food. For proper alkalinity; blood buffer system for maintaining a constant blood pH close to 7.4 (7.35-7.45), sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate are necessary.

To avoid the negative consequences of chronic acidity focus around healthy food and try to save the digestive enzymes in it. Producers consume alkaline foods and providing your body with healing mineral water and mineral supplement may also do so.

To maintain the proper acid - alkaline balance of the human being usually has three basic sources of minerals and bicarbonates: food, healing mineral water and mineral supplements. The use of processing the mineral water is extremely popular in Europe. Usually, many Europeans spend a healthy holiday in healthy mineral spas. They drink mineral water cure, maintain a healthy diet, walk, get a massage, relaxation and acupuncture there. The most studied mineral water is the cure Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. People all over the world have traveled to Karlovy Vary drinking this miraculous water for 500 years. Czech doctors have understood that the healing action of the water, no doubt related to the mineral content of minerals, bicarbonates, and trace elements in it. Curative mineral water which is made by dissolving genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt has been the subject of detailed clinical studies in Europe, mainly for digestive, liver, and metabolic disorders. Karlovy Vary mineral water healing has helped many Europeans to environmental and occupational toxicity. If you have acid saliva and urine pH below 6.6, is not the way to stop acidification - Mineral water Karlovy Vary healing. Taking the cell magnesium and potassium and drinking healing mineral water can normalize acid-base balance, rejuvenate and detoxify the body, the damage caused by decades of poor diet, alcohol consumption reverse, taking drugs, and environmental toxins.

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