All You want to Know About Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is known as one of the most famous characters and most popular in the Sanrio collection. Hello Kitty lives in a world where everyone has a loving and caring family, with excellent facilities and many friends.

In this fictional world Hello Kitty lives with her family, including her mother, father and twin sister Mimmy. Even if Hello Kitty was born in Japan, she is British and her family live in the suburbs of London. Hello Kitty also enjoys many different activities, including travel, reading, listening to music, eat cookies, make new friends, and collect all sorts of beautiful objects like fish and sweets! Hello Kitty will always be a kitten, even though she was born November 1, 1974.

Hello Kitty is so popular that they even made her the star of his own TV series in Japan and America. In addition, it plays a major role in the animation Hello Kitty Theatre which features popular remakes of classic fairy tales. Hello Kitty products are featured in a diverse range of goods and products such as backpacks Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty bedding, and a digital camera popular Hello Kitty. With products ranging from toys stuffed animals, PLUSHY bags, digital cameras and clothing, the brand Hello Kitty has become a recognized logo in the world. Further increasing the popularity of Hello Kitty products are photos of celebrities sporting Hello Kitty products; even a Hello Kitty credit card.

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