Baltimore Attractions

Baltimore is one of the largest cities in Maryland and you know that it is not a state capital. The site is located on a river called Patapsco which is top of the northwest fork of the Chesapeake Bay. The first European settlements here is more like a Baltimore Harbour Ocean in the west. Baltimore clippers were built in the inner harbor area, which is the attitude towards the future of the city. Today the port is an open business boom location, many shops, restaurants and many attractions. Baltimore has its own charming place with a wonderful place available to the main shopping areas and the best food restaurants. The west side of Baltimore includes downtown and Lexington markets, which are the main attractions here. Baltimore attractions are full of vitality and it is very obvious, visiting the campus of the University of Maryland and also the famous Johns Hopkins University. It was in the late 19th century that Johns Hopkins has become a wealthy philanthropist who embodies the work ethic of the place and realize the American dream.

The history of Baltimore is certainly part of the US East Coast; It was named after Lord Baltimore, which was founded in 1729. Grist Mills made sure that the shipping sectors are thriving in rivers. Baltimore knows the distinct seasonal climate are included hot summers and cold winters, moderate temperatures and snowy winters, although it tends to be windy climate all year round. Baltimore residents are proud of their rich history and are very confident of shaping the future with the inevitable changes. If you are in Baltimore, you can leave one thing - it's almost a crime if you leave the place with tasting their specialty which is the world famous Maryland crabs. Other popular areas include Baltimore Federal Hill, Hampden, East Port, Little Italy, The Westside, Canton, point Fell, Inner Harbor, Mount Vernon, and the city center. Baltimore is always bustling with a variety of activities and entertainment for people of all ages, you can take a free ride down the old line, visit Baltimore Museum of Art, visit Baltimore sports heroes, visit a free visit the basilica, explore the Broadway market, climbing Washington monument, an overview of Federal Hill park and more.

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