Basic Java Interview Questions

Java is now one of the most popular programming languages ​​developers and programmers around the world. The Java platform is used for the development of all kinds of rich applications on phones, tablets, desktops, speakers and other IT enabled software. Thus, the demand for Java developers has increased in the market and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to ensure the work of a Java developer. So if you are also in the race and will have to face technical Java interview questions during recruitment, but do not know where to look for the fundamental questions of Java maintenance and a complete ready reckoner guide is here for you.

1. What is Java?

Java is a language independent and object oriented programming platform called OOPS. This language was discovered by James Gosling of Sun Micro systems in early 1991.

2. What is the class and define the abstract class in Java?

In terms of simple Java class refers to a group of similar objects with the same attributes (data structure) and behavior (function). Java consists of different types of classes as an abstract class, interface class, etc. abstract class is a differential implemented class (meaning a part of this class can be fully implemented when running, while others can not be fully implemented).

3. What is the difference between an interface and abstract class in Java?

4. Explain some of the Java basic characteristics.

Here you can explain many Java features, such as:

Java is reusable
Unlike other programming languages, Java gives emphasis on data, rather than the process - making it easy to use.
Java is a safe language like no data can be accessed from external functions or third parties directly, without the user's permission first.
Java is platform independent.

The fundamental difference between a queue and a stack is a queue works on FIFO concept (ie, first in first out rule) while the battery is working on the concept LIFO (last in first means out) rule.

5. What do you mean by Java packaging?

Java packaging helps in neat and concise presentation of the different classes in the respective directories, making it easier for the user to correctly classify data. So just hone your basic Java from all resources available to you and make programs running and running on the computer to master the language and navigate through the Java interview questions easily .

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