Bipolar Enter a Chat Room? The Advantages and Disadvantages

Bipolar chat room is created mainly as a support group for people with extensive or a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Moderators of this group are usually volunteers. Most of them are either former patients or people undergoing treatment and bipolar bipolar medication.

Other things you can expect to find in a bipolar chat room is moderated chats schedules and topics related to manic depression issues. However, some online chat rooms go beyond meet ups and set physical meet ups in coffee shops in their respective fields.

Potential benefits

The intention of a bipolar chat room is always to accommodate those bipolar people who need extra help, hoping that the process will eventually lead to an effective treatment. The benefits you can get from the chat room are:

* You have the opportunity to meet other people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The sharing should help a bipolar patient cope with the problem, because you are expected to better from the perspective of another bipolar patient understand the symptoms.

* People will have the opportunity to ask questions and answer some too. Since a bipolar chat room is designed in order to open discussions. As everyone speaks in bipolar lingo, they follow that discussions are aligned accordingly. This exchange of thoughts and emotions become a new outlet of hope among bipolar disorder people.

* The bipolar chat room supports this community 24 hours a day.

Possible disadvantages

The problem comes when users abuse the bipolar chat room, using as an alternative avenue for mischief and pranks. Mood swings can apparently be felt in this virtual room.

The disadvantages:

* Most of these chat rooms are supported by volunteers.
* There is a great difficulty to stay on topic. Serious and sensitive issues are expected. Topics like suicide and other deep depressive themes, it is difficult to maintain a secure online environment.

Remember that mood swings are strong in this group. If you manage a bipolar patient is difficult, imagine how that challenge is multiplied in a bipolar chat room, where most of the participants were diagnosed bipolar. Some chat rooms have closed due to this problem.

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