Bipolar Type 2 and Type 1 What is the Difference?

Have you heard of the term mood changes? What about manic depression? If you have, then it would not be difficult to explain what bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized by a sudden mania energetic shift modes (and hypomania) for minor depression. The two categories of bipolar disorder share similar characteristics oscillation mood levels. However, drawing a line between the type of bipolar bipolar 1 and 2 on the levels of each of the episodes of varying mood swings.

Bipolar type 1

Bipolar disorder type 1 is characterized based on the occurrence of at least one manic episode, with or without the occurrence of a major depressive episode.

* The Ambitious attitude is clear in this state.

* Patients tend to talk too.

* The patient tends to think more than usual.

The danger of this kind is that the patient may hallucinate, losing their grasp of reality. In some cases, the bipolar type 1, the patient is diagnosed as psychotic. In some books on bipolar disorder, bipolar type 1 is also called the "rage" bipolar.

Bipolar type 2

2 Bipolar disorder is characterized by the appearance of at least one hypomanic episode and major depressive disorder. Sometimes this type may even have occurrences more depressive episodes.

In some cases, hypomania actually enables the individual to excel in their areas of expertise. Hypomanic symptoms are mostly positive and can run for about four days before he disappeared.

Despite its manifestation, it is obvious and can be clearly observed by others, bipolar "swinging" (as it is properly called) does not cause any disruption in normal functional environments.

Swinging Down To Depression

However, the same level of hypomania can swing down in his depression and its effect can be devastating to the person. The manifestations of this depression is apparent in the gap marriage, bad relationships ended, unfinished projects, public humiliation, and more.

But this type of bipolar disorder is difficult to treat because of the benefits that the person likes his accomplishments phase hypomania. From the perspective of a layman, hypomania in bipolar disorder type 2 do not even seem to look as if there were no signs of mental illness at all.

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