By Electra Bikes are Too Big to Climb

    Bike love pays

Way back in 1993, and Benno Bänziger jeano Erforth, met with only $ 30,000 and gave birth to Electra Bicycle Company. While Bänziger be a bike enthusiast and Erforth being the perfect seller, both well mixed to introduce "have a bike in your life" factor in people instead of just running every time you go out with this racing bike . Not everyone can be a cyclist, this thought led early in Electra, who is the bike you can get to a grocery store as opposed to a racing bike. The news spread and soon these bikes cruisers were selling like hot cakes across the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.

    A new way of biking with bikes Electra

Electra Bicycle offers much more than simple bike. Additionally bikes cruisers, the company came with motorcycles of the series 'Steam Ride'. Inspired by the culture "hot rod" in Southern California, these bikes have more elaborate and exaggerated pictures, colors and chrome metal flakes. The bike 'Townie' was the new kid on the block Flat Foot Technology 'in 2003. Presentation as a starter bike or rekindle the passion among cyclists lost long ago was the Townie perfect start. This removes your fear of falling while driving to give you an experience comfortable and safe driving. No wonder all these benefits and took care to design a bike, bikes Electra sell exceptionally well.

The new addition to the goodies box fashion models of their ladies and men Bike attitude. The question also appealed to women because of its pink-rimmed design and small frames. Regarding the attitude of men, love for the red hot, targeted and adult bike "is a total yes. Electra bikes are the talk of the town, no matter which bike shop, they are. As the icing on the company has clothing and accessories to offer the most personalized and enjoyable driving. the company understands the needs of rider- regardless of age and interest.

    How cruiser bikes are so popular?

These bikes Electra hip-looking so elegant and striking in appearance, it is believed that the game of seat covers, frame, bumpers and protective each other perfectly and are customized for each client. You really need a hard bike to go to the nearby ice cream shop? That's when Electra came into existence-to fill the big gap. All bike cruisers fell in love with riding again and saw it as a leisure activity; not a sport. With the quality, durability, economy and beauty, Electra range is that everyone is still waiting.

The Townie bicycles and other part Electra bikes will make your extremely relaxed driving because they are designed to keep your head up and back straight. So chuck the engine and enjoy your ride you can help cure global warming.

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