Car Sales in Japan Auction An Overview for Car Importers

Car importers know that sales of car auctions in Japan are an excellent place to find a low mileage, high-quality used cars at good prices. Considering buying auctions of Japanese cars?

There are two excellent reasons to consider buying auctions cars used cars in Japan.

First, the choice is huge and you can see all those remote cars online.
Auto auctions outside Japan can usually have a few hundred used vehicles, but only sales to the lowest auction in Japan have such a pitiful selection.

In terms of individual auction sites, we usually talk over 1,000 cars per location, and sometimes more than 10,000 cars (in the case of USS Tokyo), in one place and auctioned every week. You can see where this is going: Car sales in Japan have a large selection of very good condition, low mileage cars, but the Japanese are not really interested in buying, so prices are relatively low and there more opportunities for buyers outside of Japan to competition.

Auction of cars and local groups in Japan

In Japan individual auctions are rare. They are usually part of a sales group to more auction. Here are some of the most important groups:

    TAA (Toyota)

USS Tokyo is the largest single site selling used cars in Japan. This sale car auction runs once a week on Thursdays and peak season can have up to 20,000 vehicles being auctioned all the first day.

A group of auctions having different auction sites (called Kaijo in Japanese) is Aucnet, who hold their auctions on Monday. His style is a little different because they do not have a physical auction house where all the cars are assembled.

How can you access the sales of car auctions in Japan?

You do not speak Japanese. Although you can buy the car, how do you send?

You need a Japanese car exporter to help you with it.

Exporters of cars in Japan are designed to manage the tender process in auctions of Japanese cars, selling to carriers auction at the door, do the paperwork and send the car for you.

There are many car exporters transporting used cars from Japan, so this then raises the question of how you find a good one. Does the inspector reports that exporter offers professional translations auction car and help you really understand the condition of the cars in the auction?

    Does the work exporter drive their car to ensure you reach for sales to car auctions in Japan as soon as possible?

Who will bid for you in these sales to car auctions in Japan?

To purchase an auction car auctions in Japan, the first thing you need is to be a member of this auction.

This prevents regular users from accessing these sales to car auction directly, so they tend to be a place where Japanese car dealers and exporters of Japanese cars to buy at wholesale prices.

Japanese car exporters are generally registered Japanese companies and therefore have access to car auctions in Japan.

Inspections Japanese car auction vehicles

Sales to car auctions in Japan have a strict inspection regime. Cars and other vehicles are registered for the auction next week, after which they are inspected by inspectors who are qualified mechanics.

It gives the car an overall score, and the classification of interior quality. Remember that you should not rely solely on the general classification in the purchase of sales of Japanese cars auction: A good exporter of cars should give detailed translations and help you understand what the inspector auto sales Japanese wrote in his report.

How to tender in these sales to car auctions in Japan?

As mentioned above, only members of these auto auctions can really offer. Usually a car will be sold for anything from 10 to 45 seconds. Sometimes the cars will be able to reach its reserve price and the auction is stopped. Then you can make offers to the seller, under the auspices of the sale car auction. Fewer cars sell in trade of this kind that are sold in live auctions. A good Japanese car exporter will manage the live bidding process and transparent negotiation to get the best deals for their clients.

What happens after the car is won auction?

After a car is purchased at an auction of Japanese cars, the first thing that happens is that it is powered by the car carrier in port. Once in port, the car is waiting to be loaded onto a RORO vessel, or waiting to be loaded into a container.

While the car is in transit from the auction, the car exporter will start immediately looking for reserves in the old ship and do the paperwork to deregister the car and go through the Japan-secondary customs.

The car exporter sends to the customer, the bill of lading, invoices, document-registration and other documents that the client needs to import the car in your country. These import regulations vary from country to country, it is essential to check before buying anything.


Sales to car auctions in Japan can be a great place for dealers and car importers worldwide to find very good quality used vehicles at prices lower than you expect to be able to find locally. The large number of used car sales in the Japanese car auctions can be accessed online is another great advantage.

The key to doing this successfully is to find a top-notch Japanese car exporter that both can communicate well, and also drive safely through the process of buying cars from auctions in Japan.

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