Chelsea Football Fixation Versus Manchester United

Chelsea against Manchester United is one of the classic North v South devices in the calendar of English football.

Chelsea faces the first Manchester United in the Christmas Day 1905 - about nine months after the club was founded by Gus business Edwardian Henry Augustus Mears. The match was played at Bank Street in Clayton, Manchester and drew a crowd of 35,000 witnessed a 0.0 draw this confrontation Football League Second Division.

Mears had hired a famous architect of the time, Archibald Leitch, to build a huge new stadium - Stamford Bridge - Fulham on the road, where the new team would play. The first football game to play it was a friendly match against Liverpool 4 September 1905 Chelsea had won 4.0. Manchester United first headed south to play pensioners at Stamford Bridge April 13, 1906 - this time it was Good Friday, but the result was still a draw, before a huge crowd of 67,000
Vacation. Wayne Rooney is the only other United player in football history to score a hat-trick on his debut for the club. The Reds finished second in the league during the clash with Chelsea Easter and in fact would finish as runner-up behind Bristol City (the club was beaten in the opening day of the season) and promotion so won the Premiership. Chelsea finished third in what was his first season of competitive league.

Chelsea had to go to Bank Street again to beat Man United for the first time - in the League division now - November 7, 1908. The match ended with Chelsea 1.0 to George Hilsdon scoring his goal from the penalty victory . At Stamford Bridge, however, pending a victory lasted much longer - nearly 12 years in the truth; and a World War separated the first two victories.

George Hilsdon began his career at West Ham United, joining Chelsea in 1906. It was more than two and Sagar Rooney, scoring five goals in his Chelsea debut win 9.2 on Glossop North End (Glossop is a little less than fourteen miles Manchester!). After scoring a total of 108 goals for Chelsea returned to play for West Ham before being recruited for service in the First World War, where he was severely wounded on the Western Front during a mustard gas attack. Manchester United won the first Chelsea September 28, 1907 to 4.1 victory in the First Division. Hilsdon once again in the Chelsea goal and Billy Meredith scored twice for the Reds. United continued to do well at Fulham, winning three and drawing two of their next five league matches there. It was not until January 17, 1920, Chelsea finally got his first home win over Man United - 1.0 Division One - before a crowd of 40,000. forward-center John Galo scored the only goal of the match. Chelsea hit six goals (their highest overall goals in home games between the two parties) past the men from Old Trafford on September 6 1930. Alexander Cheyne scored a hat-trick that day and Hughie Gallacher two other in a win 6.2 in a high-level confrontation watched by 48648 on deck.

'Alec' Cheyne Alexander had just signed for Chelsea this year and for a fee, and 6000 club record £ A year earlier, while playing for his native Scotland against England, Cheyne scored direct from a corner with just a minute from the end of the game. It was the first time that noise was observed and became known as "Hampden Roar", with the game forever be labeled "international Cheyne".

The largest margin of victory against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea came sixty-nine years later, on October 3, 1999. The Blues won 5.0 of the Premier League, before a crowd of 34,909. Gus Poyet scored two goals for Chelsea this day - the first after 27 seconds from which the Reds never seemed to recover. Mindful that United became the first English football team to complete a hat-trick of League, FA Cup and won the Champions League in May of the same year and spent 29 games without defeat before this championship game was a truly remarkable achievement, not only in the context of games between the two sides, but in the history of football in general.

Manchester United scored four goals in league matches at Stamford Bridge five times - the third of them provided them with its best margin of victory. They beat Chelsea 4.0 in a game of first division, 29 November 1947, with Johnny Morris scoring a hat-trick. Morris scored 35 goals in 93 appearances for United in all competitions and helped them win the FA Cup the following year.

One of the most spectacular meetings championships - and the highest overall score (11) - between these clubs at Stamford Bridge took place on October 16, 1954 before a crowd of 55,966. Chelsea scored five goals again, with the marking Seamus O'Connell his Chelsea debut with a hat-trick (he and George Hilsdon are the only two Chelsea players to score hat-tricks in his debut for the club). But Manchester United responded with six goals of his own, Dennis Viollet also scoring a hat-trick and Tommy Taylor with two. Chelsea took 3.0 in the game, but two Wayne Rooney penalties and equalizer six minutes into the second half of Javier Hernandez completed the back for United.

United prevailed again 3.2, but the score says just the result instead of the history of the game. This time it was United who were two goals after 12 minutes, but Chelsea struggled to level without a kick Juan Mata Ramires and head. Manchester United would win the league this season with Chelsea to settle for the Europa League success.

United won by the same margin of 3.2 to Stamford Bridge there is a little over forty-one, 18 August 1971, with some famous names on the scoresheet: Tommy Baldwin and Peter Osgood Chelsea; Willie Morgan, Bobby Charlton and Brian Kidd for United. Another massive crowd at the home of 54,763 turned out to see the two best teams who also does well in Europe in recent seasons - Chelsea in the Cup Winners Cup this year's European Championship, and Manchester United as the first time in English to lift the UEFA Cup europe three years ago.

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