Comparing John Elway All Other Denver Broncos Quarterback

Over the years, the Denver Broncos have had great players in your team. Regarding the big names of the Denver Broncos, however, it is difficult for any player to match with John Elway. In that spirit, here's a look at how to best John Elway was statistically than other Broncos team had shifts.

More statistical advantage of John Elway's longevity with the team. He played for Denver 1983-1998, no other quarter played more than a handful of years there. Throughout his career, Elway appeared in 234 regular season games. Craig Morton is the next close games as a quarterback with only 72 for Denver.

Elway had 300 touchdowns during his career which now exceeds Craig Morton 74, 71 each for Brian Griese and Jake Plummer, and 54 for Jay Cutler.

John Elway had a career rating of 79.9 quarter, which was very good but not the best ever by a quarterback of the Denver Broncos. R
egular entries that the rate above 87.1 include Jay Cutler, Jake Plummer by 84.3 and 84.1 for Brian Griese. Those with quarter scores below Elways include Craig Morton with 79.1, 74.3 with Steve DeBerg and Gary Kubiak with 70.6.

Everyone knows that John Elway will remain in history as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

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