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Perhaps you are considering an electric bike, but you are attached to your existing bike - either for personal reasons, financial or otherwise. Never fear, the number of electric bike kits increasingly on the market, a kit can easily convert your favorite bike to an electric bicycle with the same features found in manufactured e-bikes.

Maybe you are not starting with a bike currently possess but you have your heart set on a bike, but I wish the further improvement of an e-bike. You can buy the bike and favored, with the simple addition of an electric bike kit, you will have e-bike you want personalized with your bike + desired energy characteristics.

In many cases, you can save money by getting a good quality conversion kit and put on your bike better, allowing you a template e-bike more with more advanced capabilities. If you buy a good quality second hand bike, then equip it with a good bike conversion kit, you can end up with a high quality e-bike at a fraction of the cost of the assemblies by manufacturers.

Although a word of caution: you need to be realistic and assess their technical skills or add the extra cost of a qualified technician to install the conversion kit is factoring cost reduction is the incentive for the purchase an electric bike conversion kit. Questions to ask when buying an e-bike kit:

· Is the electric bike conversion kit for a DIY enthusiast or should be installed by a qualified technician? If you have a favorite bike shop you can see if they correct e-bikes. Maintenance of electric bicycles and repair are not easily available at all bike shops or install bike conversion kit or maintenance. When considering a conversion kit, you can check with qualified centers bike services in your area and choose a model that can be kept close to home.
· What is the technology used by the conversion kit and the bike? Most conversion kits available on the market engines use cubes and are usually offered in ready spoked wheels.
· The conversion kit for the front or the attachment of the rear wheel? In summary, the front hub motor is easy to install and will be equal to the weight of the bicycle if the battery is on the back. Many prefer handling even if a draw back is that the front forks may be more susceptible to failure, especially if the image is aluminum- with steel forks and torque arm, failure is less likely. The rear hub motor is less visible and allows more torque due to the weight of the additional rider on the rear wheel. If abandonment is less likely to cause injury. A rear hub kit, however, is more difficult to install, you have to worry about speed, gear selector and can not accommodate a freewheel 7 speed that is common in most bikes.
· What is the battery mounting requirements? With all kinds of kits, you must find the battery mounting requirements and if it fits your bike frame and riding style. The battery is mounted on a rack frame or rear seat post?

The different kits are available?

Currie Electro Drive by Currie Technologies: This is a chain drive system, which is supplied ready mounted on a rear wheel 26in (mounting possible with re-skid 700c). It is a great kit for entry-power, due to its relative ease of installation and operation. The optional second battery allows this conversion kit to double the initial range of 15 miles for a total of 30 miles. The accelerator thumb actuated with battery indicator allows ease of use for beginners.

eBike kit bike rear wheel Electric bike eBike Conversion Engine: This kit rear wheel hub electric motor is intended for "Wheel 26 and reaches a speed of 23 mph 500W is a powerful engine that is able to go to the beach 20 +. Miles on a single charge. bicycle front wheel kit eBike eBike electric bicycle conversion engine: same specifications and variety of use as rear wheel kit e-bike, but the greatest ease of installation due to the attachment to the front wheel. See our considerations above to determine whether the version front or rear wheel conversion kit is right for you.

Phoenix System II Cruiser by Electricrider: This solid and lasting conversion kit is popular due to its ability to appeal to all preferences that have options that make the front or rear wheel can accommodate 20 ", 24" and 26 "This powerful engine wheels.
E-Assist Ebike Conversion Kit E-Assist: A powerful conversion kit for bikes with 28 inches long range on a single charge and the power to deal with hills.

BionX: This is a pedelec system with regenerative braking. A preferred conversion kit for touring or commuting because of its pedelec system and a favorite among recumbent bikes and some folding bikes. The versatile design allows for use in different size bike with a rear hub motor is ready for use on a wheel 24in, 26in or 700c.

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